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AU Payroll - Changing approved leave requests

Started by Cheryl Cartwright -   in AU Payroll

Once a staff member has requested leave that is then approved I cannot see an option to delete it in the event that their requirement changes (ie amended dates etc).

Can you please advise how they go about deleting a pending or approved leave request to resubmit with new dates.

Go into the leave tab on the employee. Select the relevant leave application and amend the date, hours or delete altogether.

You can not do this if it has already been processed through a pay run.

Joy Moore  

Thanks Joy - but what if the employee wants to amend it rather than the payroll person? We were hoping they could do that? Our staff are virtual - ie not based in an office and work all across SEQ so we don't have paper leave forms - we were using a google form to receive requests but hoping with the Xero access we can remove that step too.

Cheryl Cartwright  

I like how timesheets right up to processing time can be reverted to draft and amended - we need the same functionality for leave requests even after approved (but before taken!)

Cheryl Cartwright  

This function is definitely needed.
It would also be great if staff could enter part day leave requests. At the moment there is no function to submit part day leave requests and Payroll then has to manually go in and change their leave forms to the correct hours every time (if they are aware its only a half day). Can we please get this function added?

Amanda Williams  

How would I fix an incorrect leave application if it has been approved and processed over multiple pay runs?

Jodie Milton  

@Jodie - You can enter a negative leave request to adjust this, then process it in an unscheduled pay run. In the pay run, you can offset the negative hours with what should have been paid (eg, ordinary hours) so it processes as a nil pay run. There's more info on reversing leave here.

Quenby S (Community Manager)  

Has there been any update to an employee being able to make amendments to their leave once it's been approved - however not processed in a pay run?

Lynn Taravel  

Merged: AU Payroll : Employee Portal

Employee should be able to amend or delete future leave request. if they can't do it, it defeats the purpose and creates extra work for Managers and HR.

This should be definitely changed.

Iwona Cydejko