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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 52 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and DataDear, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About DataDear

Download Xero data & create your custom reports directly in Excel. Post your journals together with an attachment of your supporting calculations. For more information, check out DataDear.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with DataDear, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the DataDear support centre.

The DataDear Support Team team has given me the fastest and greatest help when I needed most! My manager who set up the consolidation spreadsheet with DataDear toolbar has left the company prior to year-end. I had attempted to get the spreadsheet up and running again but failed. Fortunately I have found out how to contact the DataDear Support Team!

Jen Nitschke  

I've been trying to search for Datadear support contact details to help me with my issues but can't find one. I tried to email them and submitted a support ticket but I didn't even receive an acknowledgement that my email and the support ticket sent has been received. It is a useful tool, but if the support will continue to be unresponsive, then I will think of getting another option.

Emmeline Pare  

A great tool to connect excel & Xero

Alex Grygiel  

DataDear has helped save us a lot of time during our month-end reporting processes. This has allowed us to spend time on other, more valuable tasks. The templates provided are great, as is the support/service.

David Ang  

I have spent time trying to add credit card details to upgrade the subscription, but just keep getting an error message.

I actually like the software hence I would like to pay for it, but there are no contact details anywhere.

UPDATE: The team contacted me shortly after this post and explained the issue. raised the stars.

Oliver Grills  

Really good service by Clifton @ Datadear as he responds as quickly as possible with solutions

Kay Obi  

What a great bit of kit! Saving time on almost every Xero client with this. Top support, great value.

M J  

After looking for and trialing a number of consolidation tools, Datadear was the stand out winner and really affordable. I need to do consolidations across different currencies and the ability to extract the data directly to excel has streamlined the month end reporting process for me. I can now post journals to xero and refresh my data.

I am also using the journal tools to upload journals into the accounts. As these had multiple lines and were across 2 entities reporting in different currencies, manually doing this in xero used to take forever. Now I can just copy paste and post . Amazing.

There are still a number of things that need ironing out hence the 4 stars, but the help team were so responsive (they just need to make it more obvious how you can contact them). The icing on the cake would be to obtain the xero transaction report in Datadear.

Rachel Garrett  

Posting invoices directly from Excel. This is brilliant. The few dollars a month has saved me a truckload on what would have been an expensive development.

Brett Crowther  

Datadear has been very useful in using the data from Xero to create BI Dashboards that allow our organisation to keep track of revenues in almost real-time using automatic refreshing.

Their support team is also first-rate and managed to help me solve an account issue very fast, and with no delays.

Highly recommended.

Jeffrey Zammit  

I have been using this add-on for about a year. Usually it works pretty well and I have been using it to upload bulk entries and extract data from multiple entities to do the analysis. The supporting team is helpful and responsive as well. Hope in the future the user could do more customization in extracting specific data lines.

Min Miao  

This add on is incredible! The simple solution that we were searching for that solved our complex consolidation reporting issues for 14 Xero entities.

After searching through the internet and trialling numerous complex consolidation reporting platforms that were extremely expensive we gave DataDear a try and will not be looking back.

Their customer services is prompt, specific & helpful and their product is simple yet versatile. Thank you!

Clare Gallaher  

The solution i have been looking for!!

I've been looking for something to do for Xero what Sage Excel integration does for Sage 50 - one click and a wealth or bespoke management accounts generated from live data, and also create bespoke Xero reports beyond the Xero report designer capability.

Data dear gives you that and so much more. It has taken perseverance to understand how to get the reports built in DataDear and for more complex reports requires good excel knowledge of pivot tables, vlookups etc. but with the excellent support from DataDear I now have a solution - so spending less time generating reports and more time working on the accounts.

Excellent support from Datadear - thank you guys!

Sarah Leonard  

I've been using DataDear to extract information in to Excel to populate reporting packs for larger clients. Xero reports are great, but sometimes you need Excel's flexibily for variance analysis and commentary, and this is where DataDear is so useful.
We also use DataDear internally to post manual journals—such as prepayments. It easily pays for itself in saved time.

Terry Hopper  

I have just started using datadear and it has massively streamlined the extraction of Xero accounts payable data for use in our cashflows to just seconds - we are a small business and time is a precious commodity here. We are very appreciative to have this software available to us.

Rosalie Furness  

i have just downloaded and started to trial daraDear. Conceptually and from an ease of use perspective, i like the product from a TB perspective. i have a group of 7 companies that i need to consolidate and download current data out of Xero.

However, I cannot work out how to get the aged payables/receivables reporting to work for a date, eg 30 June 2018. the data is well off what native Xero produces. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions of how to use this product (DataDear) to produce a reliable ageing report?

Rating of 3 is based on inaccurate AR/AP reporting (a pressing need). Once resolved I shall re evaluate.


Paul Gwilym  

DataDear is a great product for exporting to excel and being able to refresh data. Also have found their customer service to be first rate.

Damien Chester  

Hi Sullivan

You may want to have a look at the DataDear Experts Channel - they will be able to help you with the full setup and configuration of your entities.

Neville Micallef  

I am interested in Datadear for a client who has multiple entities. Looking for assistance in loading the software, integrating, training & implementation. Located in Sydney.

Sullivan Dewing Team  

Excellent. Very easy to use and very stable compared to other products. Very much recommended!! Thanks

Angus Macfarlane  

Extremely useful and flexible, and easy to use. Took me no more than a couple of hours to convert my projections spreadsheets across from a previous scraping tool which no longer worked with the Xero migration to a TLS API. Support enquiries have been resolved promptly also.

Robert Walker  

Unbelievable. From a cold start "I wish I could consolidate two Xero files"; I found DataDear, installed it, connected to Xero and ran the consolidation in under 15 minutes.

Warren Maris  

First comment is on the lack of decent instructions about how this installs and then how it is accessed. At download you see a note about installing a desk top app but the user experience at the end would be better served with a message that says something along the lines of 'open Excel to use the add-on'.
There is a distince lack of documentation on the funtionality and 'how to' - I checked all the help pages. What seems like context sensitive help is not.
The Aged Receivables report is of no use. Xero only allow an ATB in base currency despite being 'a multi currency system so was hoping to get a report is txn currency but I am certainly not recommending to my client that they run this query customer by customer. I see there is a report coming but if you can't close the gap in Xero reporting then this will be of minimal value.
From a purely reporting (GET) perspective, DataDear is not filling any of the gaps that are in Xero now
Also having done a lot of documentation on systems myself, I was irritated that the hover information for the Receivables report refers to 'payables' on each of the date fields.
I found that the reporting was not able to retrieve and receipts - I suspect you are looking at only matched and reconcilied items whereas mine are receipted but unreconciled in out TEST organisation - yet they are receipts and should be reported.
I think there is scope for Data Dear but I also think it is currently way off the mark for reporting.

Ingrid Blyth  

DataDear is an excellent Excel add-in for Xero users that want to be able to easily retrieve data and reports from Xero into Excel and post directly into Xero from Excel.

We are spreadsheet consultants who work with clients to improve how they use spreadsheets within their processes. When we discovered DataDear we were very impressed with the efficiency savings that the DataDear add-in could offer to our clients and worked with the DataDear team to become "DataDear Experts".

We have delivered a number of projects based on Datadear and our clients have been delighted with the results.


@Clancy - I sent you a number of emails and followups on this review and never got a response so I am posting this here.

DataDear reply:
I noticed your review on Xero marketplace and I wanted to personally investigate further - I contact each and every reviewer to thank them for their time to voice their feedback about the product. This is particularly important with clients who were not able to obtain what they expected from the product - your feedback makes the product even better. We understand DataDear cannot be suitable for everyone but we do our best to offer a range of services.

Point 2 - This is true and we are looking for a way how to improve this area - especially for cases when you are opening Excel whilst you offline. There is a simple workaround which I am happy to share if you wish to keep using DataDear.

Point 3 - The Xero API is powerful if what you need is readily available - there is also a DataDear API which may be useful if you wish to retrieve reports which are not available in Xero.

Point 4 - The pricing will depend on your usage and for low usage I can understand this may be expensive. Most of our users have several connected organisations and the product is used on a daily/weekly basis - an email to the support channel might have solved your problem as we give discounts to low volume users.

Point 1 - Xero encourages apps to offer a reward to those who take the time to review the product - you can find this documented in the FAQ page https://developer.xero.com/documentation/go-to-market-guides/marketplace-review-and-ratings (last line). We actively look for constructive feedback and as you can appreciate we do prefer that a user contacts us with concerns prior to voicing such a strong review.

We know we are not perfect and there is room for improvement in several areas - we are constantly adding and improving new functionality to enhance our offering. It's a pity there was no contact with support before posting this review since some of these points could have been easily resolved.

Thank you for your time and for reading this email - I am very happy to help should you require further assistance and you know where to find us in case you need to use our services in the future.

Neville Micallef  

DataDear is a good and interesting concept, BUT...

1) They bribe people for good reviews: I got an email saying "Get a free £20/$25 Amazon voucher - We understand your time is precious - this is why we wish to reward you if you help us with a nice review!". To me this means you can't trust any positive reviews.

2) The Excel add-in causes long delays whenever you start Excel. If it downloads an update or is started when you are offline it can take minutes for Excel to start often I end up just using task manager to stop Excel as it seems to hang.

3) At the end of the day it is easier for me just to export reports from Xero to Excel or use the API myself to get what I really want

4) I would only use it occasionally and with a single organisation, so paying USD 20 per month is too expensive

I wouldn't have bothered complaining, but I was so annoyed by the attempt to bribe me that I needed to say something. I wonder if I will get an Amazon voucher for my honest review?

Clancy Malcolm  

Data Dear is a great concept, however it was unable to retrieve our organisations full transactional history and therefore was unusable for us. When I queried DD they suggested that it might be to do with journal numbers (which was not the case), then they ceased to respond when I provided further detailed information showing there were huge unexplained gaps in data.

It would be a great tool if it pulled all our financial data, but as it is it is worse than useless!

Dan Robertson  

Early days, but the tool is shaping up to be a vital component of our recurring reporting. Help desk has been top notch in responding to queries.

Mason Dunn  

Great team !

The app is now vital to what I do !

Arnold Ayton  

Perfect tool for reporting multi entity consolidations! This is an absolutely vital tool for me and they've been great in sorting out any issues I've had so far.

David Sellick  

Great product. Solid Excel interface, good support and executed seamlessly with my Xero setup. I thought the import feature into Xero was great, but then I realised the export was just as useful. Really excited about this and I can see it being a go-to tool for my work.

Kevin Ballinger  

Hello Paul - Kindly contact the DataDear Support team with any questions re pricing and licences. This forum is for reviews and feedback.

Neville Micallef  

Can anyone on this thread let me know where they sourced their Datadear license from please? I'm trying to buy one, but dealing with Datadear directly they only sell them in minimum batches of 4 - I only need a single one. Thanks!

Chris McCormack  

Very helpful for pulling data out and posting bulky journals. Sometimes, if you are pulling a lot of data (e.g. a journal listing) it can be very slow.

Russell Ellis  

I use DataDear for importing bulk sales invoices & commission deductions from a separate system, makes the process so much simpler.

Peter Allen  

A great tool for importing data to Xero which facilitates the posting of bulky journals.

Michael Agius Vadala  

Been using DataDear for a few months, great tool to help me import multiple trucks weights / invoices into Xero each month. I'd recommend it, simple, effective and reliable

Jock Graham  

I am using Datadear on behalf of a charity. Each month we perform a number of calculations based on our trial balance, then generate several large journals. Datadear has enabled us to automate this process saving hours of data entry time each month and improving accuracy. Any requests for support have been quickly responded to.

Suzanne Main  

The simplicity of using Datadear makes it a great tool for a small business. We use it to update end of month reports for the sales team. Rather than various copy & paste actions from Xero exports, I can simply do one data refresh and hey presto, all my reports are updated. Saves a lot of time.

The backup feature is also great for peace of mind. Excellent support.

Jo Crombie  

This is a good product with excellent support. I feel like the price rise of 300% on single company users was not communicated effectively considering such a steep rise, however it still probably represents decent value.

Paul Coupland  

Great product and the support team are very helpful!

Gary Bell  

Solved a problem of how to get electricity consumption into Xero
Many thanks

Gary Wernick  

Dear data is a great reporting tool for extracting data from Xero and creating reporting sets that can be tailored and easily refreshed. A great way to increase efficiency and unlock data.

Joe Mang  

This is an excellent excel plug-in and enables you to do a lot of analysis/reporting that is not native to XERO. There are some features that would be nice to have, but given a bit of work, most things can be done without too much fuss. Definitely a must have if you have XERO and want to do any serious analysis of your accounting data.

Ron Abarbanel  

Fantastic product that only continues to improve.

Chris Green  

Can't recommend highly enough - certainly has helped resolved some of the limitations of Xero including the importing of purchase orders from a previous system!

One thing to add would be Mac compatibility but otherwise one of the best add ons out there for Xero!

Chris Perrins  

Previously I copied and pasted data into excel to create custom reports. Datadear now allows me to do this much quicker, and refresh the data without having to re-import all the data again. Much better than any other integration I've used.

JJ Media Group Accounts  

Hello Christine - DataDear caters for multi-currency consolidated reports. It would be best if log your questions with DataDear Support on support@datadear.com

Remember if you have questions or need assistance with DataDear, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

Neville Micallef  

i have 5 companies in Xero all using their own currency (AUD/NZ/MYR/SGD/HKD) i want a tool to consolidate the xero P&L in GBP conversion (pre set rate) using the two tracker options in Xero.
is there anything that can do this easily?

Christine Hills  

Fantastic Xero/Excel integration tool, very intuitive and does exactly what it sets out to do. We are using DataDear to link a client's 3 entities in Xero to an automated monthly reporting tool. Once the initial data import is set up it's a simple refresh each month to bring through the Xero P&L and Balance Sheet data to our Excel model.
Highly recommended.

Greg Norman  

DataDear worked well for semi-automating previously manual custom reports in Excel.

James Nobes  

By far the best excel integration tool for Xero.

Michael McManus  

I receive comprehensive summaries of transactions from suppliers in the form of an excel spreadsheet, the contents of which have for years gone unmined because analysis has been "too difficult." DataDear has allowed me to upload the information from these spreadsheets into Xero, and then to download P&Ls in various formats (comparative periods, job costing etc). The whole process is easy, and I am now better informed and know I have figures at my fingertips.

Karen Xero user  

Fantastic integration. Only just downloaded, so still exploring, but loving it so far! Able to provide report/user functionality that is currently not available in XERO, so very happy!

Claire - African Safaris Ltd  

I have been using this amazing tool for some months now and I would definitely recommend it to all Xero users. It is a very powerful tool which gives you immense reporting power and flexibility and on top of that it is always improving with new features and functionalities :)

Well done and keep it up !!

Clive Cassar  

Really impressed with the functionality of DataDear. It has made life much easier in many ways! The team have contributed very much towards this with their excellent response time.

Benji Briffa  

I am so happy to have found this tool. the amount of time it is going to save me in a month is mind blowing and the team have been so helpful and patient even with an excel dummies like me!

Kim Deere  

This is a brilliant extension for Xero. For anyone who wants to extract or post data into Xero, this is the tool for you. A well designed interface which is super easy to use and a development team that is super responsive to any requests - what more could you want!

Strahan Wilson  

The team has been very responsive to wants and wishes. Have created some great time saving products and have worked hard to work out problems when they have arisen.

DataDear has been a live saver for my company

Neil Brown  

This is brilliant and really easy to use, and it's great to see something for Excel rather than Google Sheets, as Excel gives you a much wider range of functions.

Just one request: Datadear offers Aged Receivables by Contact. But I really want just a total Aged Receivables report. This enables me to add comments to lines so that I can pass the report to accounts so they know how to action to stuff.

Tania Houston  

Wow … a much needed Excel integrated tool !!!

The idea of posting journals WITH ATTACHMENTS is fantastic and should save me time going forward .. always good to have backing workings in Xero.

The tool is still new and obviously has room for growth, however the direction seems to be correct! Well done guys !

Jenny Tabone