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UK Pension Filing Report - Gross Earnings figure

Started by John Richardson in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Please include the Gross earning figure for each employee in the New Pension Filing Report.

The New Pension filing report is a huge improvement, but because we were all led into the workplace fiasco before the software was ready for it many off us have chosen providers that are not quite compatible with Xero. We are using NOW pensions ( which claimed to be compatible but in practise is only compatible with a manually edited csv file!)
The new report gives me easy access to the EE and ER contributions and also the pensionable salary which previously I had to calculate backwards using the % contribution, the only information that I am missing is the Gross earning figure. So currently I have to run a Gross to net report ( and sort it to sift out my pensionable staff members and remove sub totals), and also a pension filing report, then I have to add the information from the two reports to my "NOW" Pension formatted csv file. all very fiddly and a pain in the butt.
Whilst it would be really nice to eventually be able to create a report that is compatible with "your own " pension provider, at least in the meantime create a report that includes all of the information needed in one place.
Thanks John Richardson