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New Invoicing - Auto-generate next Invoice Number if value in field is deleted

Started by Trausteknik Accounts in Feature Requests | Idea

In the "Old Invoicing" invoice editing page, when you deleted the Invoice Number and saved the invoice, Xero complained that an invoice number was needed, and added the next available number into the Invoice Number field (You'd then have to press Save again to get it to save the new number).

In the "New Invoicing" invoice editing page, it just complains that an Invoice Number is needed, but doesn't auto-generate the next one - rather it re-inserts whatever you've just deleted.

Why does this mattter?

We use Harvest to manage our employees' billable time. Harvest generates an Invoice with lines for each timesheet entry. This is then sent through to xero from their platform with an invoice number defined by the "next" invoice number available in Harvest. This number is not the same as the next available invoice number is Xero for two reasons:

1) There isn't a way via the Xero Api to get the next available Invoice Number
2) We also invoice out of Xero directly for other things (products, etc) so we can't align the invoice numbers between the two systems.

Would it be possible to have the system add the next available invoice number into the Invoice Number field if you delete the value from it?

Bonus Points Awarded if you can also expose this method via the API, so Harvest and other apps can access it :)