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Sales Invoices - Default items to be prepopulated

Started by Ben Edmonds -   in Feature Requests | Submitted

Is it possible (or would it be possible) to set a few items to appear by default on an invoice?

A client is using Xero to coordinate elements of production by using a separate branding template (with all the financial details taken off) as as an order specification document. This then gets used in assembly and dispatch. We include Dispatch Method, Dispatch Address, and Dispatch Date as item on the invoice (with no value where required) and I'm hoping these could come up as standard on all new invoices to aid with the workflow.

Hi Ben. Xero does not have "template" functionality in the sense of a pre-loaded invoice with standard items. There are two ways that might address your issue:
1. Use a customised invoice (invoice branding) - while it won't allow you to change any of the template information you can create fields that are useful for work flow management that can be filled in by hand. You just have to remember to change the "branding" when you issue the invoice to the customer.
2. Create an invoice that has the all the default items you want in it, and save as draft. When you want to create a new instance you open the draft invoice and select Copy from the Invoice Options. This will give you all the pre-entered lines/items that you want.
Failing the above, you might want to look at an add-on invoicing or CRM/Workflow system that will handle your workflow outside Xero and then send the invoice to Xero when it is actually ready to invoice.

@Catherine - invoice "templates" (not branding) would be very nice!

Peter McCarroll  

Cheers for the thoughts Peter. I'm not sure either of those will work for us as we're keen to stay digital and trying to stay centralised on Xero as much as possible too. But I'll look through the add-ons some more - specifically it's all about production mgnt for this situation.

Ben Edmonds  

Hello Ben,

Interesting concept. I haven't seen anyone else try to utilize the invoice feature to aid in production management. I would recommend taking a look at the add-ons at (http://www.xero.com/advisors/solutions/1/). I can't really recommend one over another without knowing more about the specific business and workflow, but I can attest to there being several good offerings.

You mentioned staying Xero centric is important, but I do think you'll have a better workflow utilizing a second system that provides integration. The nice thing about the API is that the important financial information will automatically come over to Xero (often as draft Invoices).


Trevor Smith  

@Trevor - thanks.

Everything I've looked at thus far doesn't seem to suit our needs. If we're to bring in another system (keeping in mind we use GApps for lots of stuff and CRM isn't an realm we would prioritise software for as we're not a sales chasing business in that way), it would need to be very good at production mgnt for small, bespoke manufacturing. I've been digging deep into this topic for years and have yet to find anything suitable.

Anyone have any strong recommendations on this? I'm perfectly willing to be corrected.

Ben Edmonds  

I know this is an older thread, but wanted to keep things updated. Today's release gives you the option to 'Add recent items' to a new Sales Invoice. This is populated from the details given in the last invoice created from that Contact.

Brittany H (Community Manager)