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Option to default reports in code order

Started by Hugh Tracy-Forster -   in Using Xero

Every time I run a report I have to click on <More Options> then drop down to select <Code Order> and then update the report.
It would be good to have an option in settings for, say, "Default reports in Code Order" - rather then having to change it every single time.
You must be using the old reports, of which I do not believe there will be any further development - Xero can confirm this. The worse news is that the new reports don't even give you the option to print the GL codes at all.

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I hope xero never removes the old reports - we need these because of the account numbers. Cannot understand why we cannot have account numbers on the new reports.

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You used to be able to add an account with an appropriate GL code and it would report in the appropriate section. Now you add an account code and it will spit out where ever (usually bottom of the section of the report on the new reports), so you need to go into the layout and manually move it to where it needs to be - but the kicker is that you need to do this on EVERY SINGLE different management report that you have - for some business this is a deal breaker.

I love the "flexibility" of the new reports, but this has been at the expense of automating reporting. It is now an arduous process to add an account and fix up the reports. Understand the trade off in the old system i.e. if you ran out of GL codes there was an issue, but there is a far better solution that has the best of both worlds (especially given you can use number/alpha/many characters in the GL code).

In the interim, at least let us bring a report that can show the GL numbers (I know it could not show GL numbers if it was for grouped accounts that had been are collapsed - that's fine, we can expand if needed to get the GL codes).

Anita Wildman