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Xero Mobile - Invoicing with CIS

Started by Philip Antrobus in Feature Requests | Idea

Currently, you cannot issue Sales invoices with CIS through the mobile APP. But you can through the web page.

I would like to request you can use this facility through the APP.
I need this too, like most construction sub contractors would. What I have to do is create quote/invoice in the app, without cis codes, then load up website on phone/iPad (which doesn’t work well) and change the code in there before sending it.

Problem then though is if the invoice contains CIS, you will be unable to open it in the app, can’t even view it (which is crazy).

Chris Weatherall

Merged: Xero Mobile - Use CIS codes in app

On the iOS App:
Can’t view my invoices to clients on the app, if they contain CIS elements, this is bonkers. The strange thing is this did work once (so the code must be in there, just not enabled?), and looked good, now it says it won’t do it.

Practically any invoice between two construction companies should (and does) require the use of CIS codes in quotes and invoices etc. As nearly all construction work is done in the field, the requirement to use these aspects and view cis invoices in the field is a must.

Chris Weatherall

Appreciate you raising this here, Chris. I can see that you've already come across the request for this in Community. I'll add your post there so we can gauge demand for this in the one place. We'll let you know there if any work's picked up in this space.

Kavi S (Community Manager)

It would be great if you could sort this, this app is ideal for tradesmen but with most being under cis it is of no use for my clients wishing to create an invoice on site at the end of each job :(

Rachael Goode

Yes love to see this feature for Android.

Kenneth Barrett

Xero, this is crucial for any company using CIS, as mentioned above, most contractors & subcontractors invoice in the field, or do all their invoicing on their phone!!!! This needs to be added ASAP!!!

Steph Jones

This feature a must, as our client base is 75% construction industry scheme.

Majority of contractors and subcontractors prepare their invoices on the go on their phone, while on site.

This is needed asap.

Suzanne McKellar

Urgently need Xero cis features on my mobile device via the Xero application.

Kenneth Barrett