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Has anyone used Quotient with Xero? Best quoting system?

Started by Debbie Maden -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Just wondering if anyone has used Quotientapp for their quoting system with Xero and how it works for them? I have a free trial going and it seems to work ok, and looks like a good system, but havent' tried sending thru and invoice from it yet.
Also how do people find this stacks up with WorkFlowMax?
Basiclaly we're looking at purchasing a quoting add-on, and probably need some sort of CRM as well - what do you all recommend?
WorkFlowMax will do the job of managing your leads and CRM side of things. It will prepare a quote, but isn't a quoting engine (calculating based on inputs, etc).

Peter McCarroll  

@Debbie, I shared your post on our FaceBook page and got this response:
"Yes about 4 weeks ago we started. Really really good. Just a few minor things and it will be brilliant. A follow up button and maybe product codes as when we sent to XERO and add the codes in it deletes the Qty and price you quoted. I have a few clients ask me about it and looking at it also. Very happy with the product."

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

@Debbie - brilliant quoting App - I have been using it now for just over 2 months and very happy with product. My client's are also starting to use the product.

Gillian Rossouw  

Absolutely love using Quotient. With it, quoting is now a breeze -:) Here's my own take on Quotient here - http://storytellingbeancounter.com/can-i-quotient-you-on-that/

Earl Rudolfo  

Hi Debbie,

I wanted to offer another solution for Quoting / Proposal creation software that also integrates with most accounting systems and CRMs. The company is called QuoteRoller.com and we would love to help!

Quote Roller is integrated with Xero, so you can send proposals, track results and then invoice through Xero.

Please let me know if you have specific questions and I will be at your service right away.


Dustin Yoder

Dustin Yoder  

Does anyone one know if either of these quoting systems have apps for tablets and mobiles etc? We are looking for a quoting system that is easy for my husband to use out on the road that is not complicated and is easy to use.

Ross Irving