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NZ Payroll: Allow the same email address for more than one employee

Started by Roger NICHOLLS in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

"The Email already exists for another employee. Please enter a unique Email."

We have Spouses working for us and they only have the on eMail account.
Hey Roger. Each Xero user is required to have their own email address - as this is the unique identifier that they need to log in to their information. This includes payroll employees - as they do need a Xero login to access the portal.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

I am having this issue with an employee who left and then returned. I had to set the employee up as a new employee as the employee end date had already been sent to IRD so I was unable to reinstate them. When I did this, the system would not allow the same email address to be used. Is there a way around this without having them set up a new address?

Joanne Macdonald

Just noted on another post after I searched for reinstate, that I can delete the email on thye historic record and then re-use the email for the new employee. That solves the problem for me. thanks.

Conley Meyer

This is a very annoying restriction when a couple are both employed. Prompt attention to this would be very much appreciated as we have been asking for this for 3 years!

Joanna Terry

I agree. I do sometimes employ family members that are quite email illiterate and thus share an email address with members of the family that are a bit more savvy with the technology.
They do want their payslips send to them but its not enough reason to create a new email address which is not used for anything else.

Conley Meyer

Hey team - appreciate this is a little annoying if you have employees that don't have their own email address! It would, however, require massive changes on our end to update the unique identifier of an employee to something else. There is also relatively low demand, compared with some other updates that others have been asking for. Not to belittle this request, but I do want to be transparent with our plans here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Appreciate the response, Thanks Brittany.

Love XERO otherwise. Makes my job so much easier. Guess will have to live with that little nuisance rule. Oh well, at least we raised it and now we know.
Thanks again for being transparent about it.
Kind Regards

Conley Meyer

Not at all, Conley. Glad to hear that Xero's working well for you otherwise :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)

When a former employee returns, go into history of staff and delete their email address. Then enter them as a new employee and you can use the email address again.

Chemwash Rotorua Ltd

I actually dont understand why a unique id is added for an optional email field?

Shiqiang Xiang

Wouldn't the unique identifier be something like an IRD # rather than an email address?
What if you had a husband and wife working for you and they shared a home email address, does that mean they can't both receive payslips?

Liza Vass

That makes perfect sense Liza Vass! I wish they would do that - we have lots of families working for us.

Joanna Terry