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xocashflow - looking for comments & experiences please

Started by Serge Crismale -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Looking at implementation of XOCashflow - any comments on usability, client reaction, bugs, wording?
Hi Serge,

I'm sorry I didn't see this thread earlier. Thanks sincerely for your interest.

To avoid bias, feedback from others is welcome, but since you haven't received a response yet, I'll try to remain as even-handed as possible in assessing our product. ;)

We use the system ourselves to manage debtors for xocashflow's parent company (iOnline Pty Ltd), so as well as hearing from clients about their own usage, I do have first-hand experience, which has been invaluable in helping to shape the product for real-world application. In our personal use, we've found that sending twice a week is really effective. We perform sends on Tuesday and Thursday mornings or early afternoon, immediately after reconciling on Xero.

It's obviously important to reconcile first. For the same reason, checking emails to see what remittance advice has been received in the past 24 hours is a good idea, so that you can exempt those customers from the day's send. We recently simplified the process of exempting particular invoices from receiving reminders. This can be done directly from the "Send Messages" screen an an invoice reminder can be exempted for a single day, or forever.

Client reaction has been generally good. There will always be a few clients who are a little grumpy when chased for payment, but that's the case regardless of whether they're chased on the phone, via snail mail, individualised emails or a semi-automatic system like xocashflow. The only real objections we've had personally were when we included terse wording in the 60 day+ email suggesting that if a payment arrangement isn't made within x days, services will be suspended and the invoice may be escalated to a collection agency. It's still a fair request, of course, but when putting the foot down and demanding something sternly, there's always a change that a small minority of customers may react poorly. Our default templates contain much softer wording to avoid this.

Joshua Smith  

The only big bug we've had was caused by a customer copying-and-pasting content from MS Word into their email templates, which messed with the sending process badly (for that single account). We've since made it such that all third-party formatting is stripped during the copying-and-pasting process to avoid a repeat. There have been other minor bugs here and there, mostly related to usability and sorting, but the system is robust, well tested, in active use by many companies and we've been receiving wonderful feedback on Twitter and elsewhere.

If you plan on attending Xerocon in July, we'll be exhibiting at the event and I'm happy to have a chat. Otherwise, hopefully you'll love the system in the meantime.

Kind regards,
Josh - Team XO

Joshua Smith  

While no-one else has volunteered their experiences within this thread during the past month, if you'd like to hear from people other than me, we've gathered together some of the great feedback xocashflow members have been providing via Twitter, which may be viewed here:

Joshua Smith  

Hi Serge, I am happy to provide feedback. The XO team have responded to our particular needs. The initial period was not ideal, so I can only recommend that you trial slowly at first, but I can say that our debtor days have reduced. I certainly would recommend you trial it.

Adam Ramage  

I can certainly recommend XO Cashflow, I used it in my web design business and it saved a huge amount of time. I also know Josh so I'm a bit biased but it's a no brainer especially for the price, he should charge more.

Judith Peiroten  

Hi there,

I do not know anyone at XOcashflow but my thoughts on the program so far are very good! In the first 5 minutes of using the program (no trial) I found a sorting bug, which I reported and I am glad to say was fixed and live on the web in less than 24 hours. I also then found another sorting bug a bit later that day, but I presume it has also been fixed now. (I haven't yet checked).

I found the system very useful as it saves me time, sending out reminder emails about payment. The system is automated enough so that twice a week I can send out reminders to people to pay the money the owe. The buttons in the email saying it has been paid, are very nice and useful too so that a customer can report back to me that they have paid it or question something about the system.

For $10.00 per month, it saves me a lot more time than it costs!

Stephen Collard  

We were the first user in the UK and it originally had problems which were finally sorted. However there are two issues which make it unusable for my points of view. First is that there is no auto-send option, so it is almost as much work going through the list in this program every day as using Xero outstanding lists.

Secondly, and more importantly, the default chasing is the default frequency of reminders. Only 7/14 and then, bizarrely, they wait until 28 days for another.

When I brought this up I was almost told I wanted something for nothing as this was only a $10 a month program. The option for other frequencies exists in an upgrade option, which still isn't released. I don't want anything for nothing, but I do want something which works. if that comes at a higher price then that is my judgment as to whether it is worth it or not.

In the final analysis, it is Xero who should actually provide a decent credit control system within the parent program. I have tried both XO and Debtor Daddy and both are sorely lacking (DD simply didn't work and we tried it three separate times).

Jeff N  

Excellent feedback Jeff. Thanks for raising these points.

Just to clarify, both of these key features (custom frequencies and auto-sending) are supported in the upcoming XO Gold package. When developing any software product, it takes a good deal of time and money to implement and fully test new features as critical as this, and since ours is a relatively small company, it has taken a few months for XO Gold to be ready. We certainly didn't intend any offense to Jeff by suggesting that these features won't be available in the $10/month XO Silver plan, but it's not feasible to carry out and support that level of development without customers chipping in a little extra for the added functionality.

XO Gold is now all set to debut in March for $27/month - without SMS capabilities - but with variable send dates, automation, increased monthly volume caps, improved reporting and multi-user access.

Until then, Debtor Daddy is definitely the better option for those seeking a fully-automated "set-n-forget" solution, and xocashflow, if we do say so ourselves, is better suited to those who want to send a batch of reminders at a day and time of their choosing, just after reconciling in Xero to ensure optimal accuracy.

Joshua Smith