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Auto Calculate Credit Card Fee or online payment fee and show on Invoice

Started by Michael Martion -   in Feature Requests | Submitted

I'd like to see a feature that automatically calculates a credit card charge and adds it to an invoice. As it stands now, If someone clicks through on the PayPal button, there's no ability to add the credit card charge. So the vendor is forced to wear the charge. Or do some convoluted narration on the invoice itself to explain the balances.

Becasue of this I am not offering a credit card facility, which I know is costing me business, but the potential for error going down the other path is quite large.

The invoice could/would look like
- Total including GST (amount owing if paying by cash, cheque, EFT)
- Finance (creadit card) charge
- Total amount owing (if paying by credit/debit card)
Agreed...this should be a standard feature, would like to see it too

Brendan Tully  

Yes this would be terrific! Some clients want to pay by CC for points, as they will be reimbursed by their employer anyway!!! Therefore, they really wouldn't care if we put a 3% loading and had two totals on the invoice: A bank deposit total and the option of a credit card total.

Tim L  


This would be fantastic! Not as essentail as some other things Ive seen on the forum but a worth addition!

Luke B (w)  

Definitely required. Thanks.

Donna Smith  

Yes, please. Got a client asking for this, would probably do this myself too

Simon Wilson  

yes please! I also am suggesting "online transaction fee" for people that want to use paypal, it would charge them the 3% or whatever % the business owner sets as the online transaction fee. It also allows them to make multiple payments on the same invoice, if they wanted to pay it out over a few weeks and it would add the transaction fee every time they made multiple payments.

I also suggested that Xero allow ACH check deposits independent of paypal.

** Important** those that have commented on this please "vote" for it. I see more comments on this topic than I see votes.


Justin Criner  

thank you

Justin Criner  

Very much needed.

Andrew O'Connor  

+1 This is just what I've been looking for!

James Mansfield  

This would be great as a design company some of our invoices are quite large and it's a pain to lose 3-4% of those fees elsewhere to clients who we know could happily pay by internet banking in NZ. It can easily add up to more than a hundred dollars per transaction for us.

Brendyn Montgomery  

Yes Please, especially with more credit card suppliers coming on board with Xero

Simon Wilson  

Merchant fees of >2% and Paypal/Amex of >3% is well above what the inherent value of these services are worth. Largely because of rewards/platinum cards. It's a case of a free lunch being paid for by the seller.
Happy to pay without passing on charges if the fees represented realistic value of the service, i.e. around or below 1.0%.

Josh Yeats  

Yes please

Dale Henderson  

Yes its a must.. Should be relatively easy to setup from xero's end, once user clicks on paypal or payment service on the online invoice, it adds a line near total for CC fee's or Transaction Fee etc... And you can edit that % in the settings.

SolveIT Accounts  

Definitely need this. Right now I'm sucking up the 3% and it would be great if the invoice allowed for an automatic increase if they choose to pay via paypal. I'm perfectly happy with paper checks. I pay enough in CC fees that I could pay for my rent instead.

Zachary Helmers  

Yes please. Otherwise, we just wont offer credit card feature unless people ask for it.

Andrew Hemphill  

+1. I've been wanting this for years. It's especially unfair as our clients pay via credit on purpose as they accrue reward points from the transaction.

I agree with @Andrew - I have actually removed credit card payments because of this.

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

Adding a setting to auto-add a pre-determined card fee would be awesome. Also the option to set an expiry date on the PAY NOW link. Reason being where customers are on credit, would like to give them 3 days to pay via the PAY NOW link and take advantage of getting points on their credit card, but at the same time want to avoid customers stretching their credit terms, AND then paying by card. I'd like to have the option of using the PAY NOW feature to be an incentive for my customers to pay early.

Ric Lippmann  

Agree. A setting to be able to auto-add a credit card payment surcharge would be helpful. We won't be using this facility until then unfortunately.

Carol-Anne Brooke  


We are supplying some high-value goods and services. Credit card payments take out a significant chunk in processing fees. Please make this an option for us to add a fee for credit cards. Debit card fees, we can cope with.

Jason Berryman  

I agree, and with no obvious UI way of including bank details, the only conclusion I reach is that Xero are getting PayPal kick-backs!

David Kellam  

Agreed. Customers are used to paying surcharges for credit cards, would love to see this feature.

David Sellar  

It's apauling that this feature has not been implemented. I have just changed over to Xero - it's a great system but this one is a no-brainer Xero.

I would like to able to nominate a sale amount above which I could apply a credit card charge.
The credit card merchant and gateway fees cost a significant amount - PayPal is just obscene!

What I would like to be able to do is set a limit of say $200 above which a 2% surcharge would be applied should the customer elect to pay by credit card.

Jon Newell  

This would be an extremely helpful addition onto the invoice facility. It will need to have provision for a few different cards as different rates apply for VISA and American Express and ...
Also Xero needs to expand the .DOCX only file format for invoice templates. This format restriction precludes Apple MAC users from being able to brand templates unless they purchase Microsoft software.


John Storey  

I love to see this feature added as this helps cashflow as well.

Serina Tran  

Hi support

I would like to see this feature added in xero. It's a must now

Hassan Rishi  

I agree that this is an essential feature that is needed urgently

Richie Hayes  

Thanks for the votes so far with this - we've had some queries on our blog too about better ways of passing on credit card charges to customers so I just wanted to provide the same update here. It's certainly something we could consider, i.e. when the payment service is set up you could specify a percentage/flat fee to add to the invoice upon payment. This isn’t something we are actively working on at the moment, but it would be great to get feedback through community voting - so please continue to vote using the 'vote' option above rather than +1'ing.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Seems a lot of people want/need this and I do very much so. Can Xero please respond to this so we're not just talking amongst ourselves here? I thought this would have been a no brainer in original design.

David Rosa  

David see Catherine's response above. Maybe it hasn't gathered enough community traction yet, but then again - maybe everyone hasn't voted who really want this. Hopefully it will be implemented soon!

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

The thing I don't get is that it would be easy to implement. The invoice is sent as a html link, and the client can then choose if they want to pay by credit card. That would update the balance. Then Presto they download their updated receipt.

Or, if they select not to pay via credit card, they just download the PDF of the invoice which has all the payment details already detailed on it from the template.

I'm not a programmer, but I'm sure that is pretty simple to do. And I'm surprised that it wasn't implemented when the PayPal feature came out.

Chris Dorian  

Chris I agree that it should be easy to implement, in theory. But being a web developer I do understand that Xero probably have dozens of more important things to fix or other features to add. This one has only 37 votes and it's sitting on page 5 of the feature requests in order of votes... but I suspect many more people do want it than have actually voted.

It may be harder to implement than we realise - lets just hope Xero are considering knocking this one over soon, as they have done with other requests around the 30-40 vote mark.

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

Well hopefully the people reading this who have only +1'd and haven't voted will come in and change their votes from something less important.

Chris Dorian  

Yes, please add it soon. We have decided not to proceed with eWAY until this feature is implemented. Thanks

Bec Perkins  

Same here Bec. As soon as it is implemented - we're likely to use eWay for invoice payments.

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  


This feature is certainly needed ASAP, I'd prefer to use eWay with Xero. As it stands I'm either forced to wear the cost or not provide a payment option clients request.

A standard percentage/fixed fee per payment service would be great! Really this should be implemented as a matter of urgency. Hopefully someone hears us all! :)


Anthony Lack  

If you are receiving this email because you have commented on this page, and you have not voted, please click the "Click here to respond" link below to ensure you have voted. If you have run out of votes, just log in, click the "My public profile" link at the top of the page, and view your other votes on the "Votes" tab. Clicking one of your votes will remove it, and free up one vote for this feature request.

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

Yes, Well done Jayden!
There is only 44 votes and so many +1's here that it doesn't tally.

Chris Dorian  

+1, absolutely required

Sam O'Connor  

+1 - I agree. Essential

Jenny Grundy  

Yes, we need to charge for the Credit Card use. Telstra and most other big companies do, so why do up SME's have to wear it? When I do a small invoice of maybe up to $500 I can cope, but,
I do solar installs and some can be $20000. Paypal commision on that is $600.00!!!!

Daryl Raverty  

Daryl, If your do those sort of transactions on Credit Card talk to other providers http://www.xero.com/au/add-ons/payment

I use eWay, between them and CBA's fees it's costing me about 1.8%

It would still be nice for Xero to add the fees on, but at least you could cut your fees in the mean time.

Simon Wilson  

Actually talking to eWay right now.
The other option is a different template in Xero for Large Invoices that has NO Credit card option and suggests bank transfer. I do have a mobile eft terminal already, its rates are very good. The automatic payment saves a lot of time and effort though. I still think if they had to pay a surcharge they would pay in another way. Thanks for your advice.

Daryl Raverty  

+1 for integrated CC surcharges. As Daryl said, Telstra and the Energy companies pass it on to the consumer, so SME's should too!

mitones Group  

+1 yes please, on all credit card options


Yes please!

Graeme Thornton  


Erin Yu  

Voted and Yes this is a must.

Joanna Johnson  

Completely agree. It would be nice to very clearly show on the invoice what the total due to is if paying by check, versus the total due if paying by credit card. Currently we just have a note in the invoicing saying to contact us to pay by credit card, and that we'll apply a fee. Pretty lame as is.

Greg Levow  

Definitely needed. Eventbrite can do it so why can't Xero?

Scott Brewster  

Have a look at Paydment (currently collecting registrations for private beta and due out in March 2014), it will integrate with Xero to collect the invoice amount, calculate the payment gateway fee and then add the processing fee to the Xero invoice. Register at: https://paydment.com

Full disclosure, we are a Xero development partners and creators of Paydment.

Craig Harman  

I agree, this should be a feature that Xero offers.

Anj Latif  

Yes please! Bump this to the top of the roadmap!

Joshua Easton  

a simple win! please do asap xero!

Luke Burrell  

19 months have passed since the creation of this request.

There are many more complex requests, with far fewer votes that have been completed, so why the inaction Xero?


Good point...Xero any answers?

Chris Dorian  

I to would love to know the answer to that?

I am assuming however, that Xero are purposely ignoring this functionality due to the arrangements/kick backs they may receive from the gateway providers, like eway, paypal etc. As this would cause a slight drop in online payments by clients who dont want to cop the CC fee.

SolveIT Accounts  

I'm keen to hear an answer as well.

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

Same here, seems like every feature I vote for is like months before a reply.

Lee Hicks  

Hi - apologies for not commenting earlier. Our position here is that we agree this would be a nice feature but at the moment it is not high enough on our list to commit to yet. We are always making choices like this to make sure the people we have available are working on the most pressing needs. Sorry it's not better news.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Thanks Andrew. I can't see that it's a hard feature to add. Even a simple implementation like a tickbox setting which says:

"(✔) Add ( 3 )% to invoice to cover credit card fee"

...where 3 can be changed to any number. That would be enough.

Is this something that could be made by developing an add-on?

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

Hi Jayden - there is an add-on (albeit in beta at this stage) have a look at: https://paydment.com

You can't just add 3% onto the invoice as the payment gateway would then take 3% of that final amount.

Craig Harman  

Thanks Craig. I had signed up for the notification for Paydment when it was mentioned earlier in the thread.

You can add 3%, as this number generally works for PayPal transactions because it covers the PayPal fees (usually around 2.4%), plus the additional amount when adding the extra 3%.

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

Andrew, appreciate your reply, but for businesses who issues large invoices you're left with 2 options - either disable the eWay add-on, which impacts cash collection and limits cash available to grow your business OR accept that for large invoices your customer will pay with credit card and you'll get hammered by the credit card fees.

For example, we had the eWay connector enabled and a customer paid a $19K invoice on his credit card. He openly admitted he paid with credit card to collect frequent flyer points and actually called us after to ask if we charged a surcharge, commenting it was 'madness' that we didn't. Our reply was that Xero doesn't seem to care.

Please reconsider as this is hurting the Xero user's cash flow OR costing them money.

Jonathon Tanner  

Well said Jonathon, hear hear!

Xero, this is an urgent issue to many of your paying customers. An issue that eWay themselves have acknowledged subtly to myself. Attend to this as a matter of priority.

Anthony Lack  

this should be common sense .....
C'mon Xero!

Antony Daamen  

Xero this is an urgent feature that needs to be added. It is costing some businesses between 1-3% of their entire company revenue. If you implement this feature, alone you are single handedly increasing almost every business revenue that takes CC by 1-3%, which insanely huge. If that is not a critical feature for revenue and cash flow I do not know what is.

Peter McGuinness  

Nicely worded Peter, I agree entirely.
This feature is far more important to a small business than any of these other minor tweaks you are looking at.
Xero is targeted at small business isn't it?

Chris Dorian  

I see is states 4 more votes needed, to what i am unsure. But this feature would be great!!
Small Businesses need it!

Anj Latif  

+1 for this one too!!

Beanstalk Accountants  

Am holding out to implement credit card payments until this feature is added. I feel very sorry for the $000s that Xero customers have lost to date through not having this option.

Thomas Wright  

For those wanting to use eWAY with Xero and have surcharges automatically calculated the CEO of eWAY, Matt Bullock, is interested in your thoughts.

Matt has opened a new thread, here:


Anthony Lack  

I'm new at my job and at using Xero, my boss has asked me to create an invoice - adding on an optional 3% charge for paying with a credit/debit card.
I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to add this optional charge.

Miri Hess  

Hey not an update, but an idea, for those who are needing to have a Credit Card fee automatically calculated on an invoice.

There's a way of doing this using Docx invoice templates. While it won’t add the fee on the invoice in Xero, the fee can be displayed on the invoice your customer receives.
This is done using Bookmarks, and Formula fields in Word. If anyone would like a copy of a rough template please let me know (Miri I’ve just sent you one). Otherwise I’ve briefly explained the process below.

- Download and open your Docx template
- Click on the field <<InvoiceAmountDue>> and select Insert > Bookmark.
- As the Bookmark name enter AMOUNT
- Place your cursor where you want the Credit Card amount to be, and go to Insert > Quick Parts > Field
- In first column select =Formula and press the Formula Button
- In the Formula box enter =AMOUNT*1.0X (with X being your Credit Card percentage)
- In the Number Format Box add #,##0.00;(#,##0.00)
- Save and upload your template to Xero!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  


So if your customer decides to pay the larger, Credit Card, amount, you can add this fee to the bottom of your invoice in Xero and reconcile it to the statement line.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Thank you Brittany :) - Much appreciated!

Miri Hess  

Come on Xero! This is taking way too long. Only thing stopping me from switching from Sage!

Scott Brewster  

eWAY have added this to their system. Problem solved. integrated to Xero.

Daryl Raverty  

Hi All - eWAY has released automatic surcharging as part of our new product called PayThis. We have a short video outlining all PayThis Features online - www.eway.com.au/xero/online-invoicing
If you have further questions about our new service please feel free to email me direct on trent.mclaren@eway.com.au

Trent Mclaren  

This isn't a solution to those of us who do not wish to use eWay. Trent your link doesn't work. Edit: this is the working link: http://www.eway.com.au/xero/online-invoicing. Just to clarify Trent, can we sign up to the Champ Plan, which has no setup or ongoing costs, and accept any credit card payment for 2.9% +30c per transaction (which we will be passing on the our clients?).

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

Hi Sidekick,
Thanks for your feedback, as per the earlier Discussions this is a solution eWAY has created specifically in response to the feedback of Xero partners across AU NZ & the UK. Currently this is the only service that can offer automatic surcharging for Xero online invoicing.
Please feel free to call and discuss in further detail (0800 392 947 or 1800 10 65 65) - we'd love to know why eWAY isn't the right fit for your business and what we could do to help you further! I've also updated the link above that will now take you to our video's outlining PayThis in detail. Thank for letting us know. :-)

Trent Mclaren  

Thanks Trent. I'll send you an email about my edited question above in case you missed it. Just wondering about the costs.

Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

I paid a lower price for eWAY service, by taking a 3 year plan. I got a 1.3% rate from Nab for the merchant account. So thats better than PayPal and their 3.5% so now I can get the whole cost back from my customer.

Daryl Raverty  

Daryl - thanks for being an eWAY customer - have you checked out Pay This? Our latest payment product linking to XERO
Matt Bullock

matt bullock  

Hi All,
We have had great feedback on this payment product so far - we have made it really easy to add a surcharge on a credit card payment via XERO - http://www.eway.com.au/xero/add-surcharges - you can set a different surcharges based on the card types and it is auto added to the XERO invoice once paid.

We have also added an eWAY eWallet linking to facebook so your customers only have to enter their credit card once for all invoices.

Plus the really cool thing is the payment page is optimised for mobile payments, making it easy to pay on an iphone or ipad etc.

Getting a merchant account with eWAY can now take around 6 days instead of the normal 6 weeks - plus we can do all the paper work and you wont have to talk to the banks.

Please let us know what you think ??? - we would love your feedback
Matt Bullock

matt bullock  

Matt we at Sidekick are impressed with what you have delivered here. We just signed up today and will test this out as a long-awaited replacement to PayPal. The Add Surcharges feature is exactly what we've been looking for.



Sidekick Creative Pty Ltd  

Great news Jayden - another great feature of pay this is you can accept payments from visa mastercard etc and paypal - you can let you customer choose how they will to pay.
Matt Bullock

matt bullock  

Great to see that Matt and the eWay team have come up with a solution to this for their customers. If you haven't already, check out more on their site.

Find out more about eWay and PayThis

We haven't ruled out adding this sort of functionality in Xero, but it's some way down our list at present, so great to see an alternative.

Thanks eWay.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

I am trying to implement this on eWay. I am in the PayThis Settings and it gives me a drop down box under the two sections 'Payment Account' & 'Surcharge Account'. What do we select as these, I do not know. Can someone from the community help.



Peter McGuinness  

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your question.

Payment Account
Select the account you would like all your funds to appear in once paid via eWAY through Xero.

Surcharge Account
Select the account you would like your surcharge fees to appear in, within Xero. This can be the same as your payment account or you can seperate it all together.

We are always happy to help, please feel free to call anytime on 1800 10 65 65 or 0800 392 947

Xero Ambassador

Trent Mclaren  

Unfortunately eWay is not available in the USA so I can't use it and still need a solution. Sure would be great if Xero would just integrate it.


Justin Criner  

I'd love to see this happen. I'm using Stripe which is $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction. I'm quite happy to eat the 30 cents as all my invoices are $200+ but that 3 percent really adds up.
If I have clients paying for $100k of invoices over the year on their card, I'm giving away $3000 in credit card fees. Every single one of my clients that pays via card does it for the points and would be totally happy to wear a 2.9% surcharge to get the points.
It'd also be good to have an option for the credit card payment links to expire after a given amount of time - I'm less worried about losing 3% on the transaction if people are paying promptly. If someone is over 60 days in the red and then they put it on their card, well, I suppose it's better than not getting paid at all...

Kai Howells