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Auto Calculate Credit Card Fee or online payment fee and show on Invoice

Started by Michael Martion -   in Feature Requests | Not planned

I'd like to see a feature that automatically calculates a credit card charge and adds it to an invoice. As it stands now, If someone clicks through on the PayPal button, there's no ability to add the credit card charge. So the vendor is forced to wear the charge. Or do some convoluted narration on the invoice itself to explain the balances.

Becasue of this I am not offering a credit card facility, which I know is costing me business, but the potential for error going down the other path is quite large.

The invoice could/would look like
- Total including GST (amount owing if paying by cash, cheque, EFT)
- Finance (creadit card) charge
- Total amount owing (if paying by credit/debit card)
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, please don't mistake quietness from us as indifference.

We generally provide updates where we have information to add, and at this stage there's been nothing meaningful to update you with here.

Recently we've been focusing on the Payment Service experience - improving the integrations we currently have, and adding new ones.

However, right now there isn't scheduled plans to develop this. We try to be as upfront as we can on these big requests as we know that the development/non-development of functionality can have an impact on decision making.

I do also just want to confirm that the age of a request doesn't necessarily influence when it'll be developed. A range of factors affect the priority of a feature being developed, voting being just one of them.

Any changes and you'll be the first to know here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)