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WorkflowMax - Importing current WIP at conversion

Started by Cassandra Scott -   in Using Xero Connected Apps


Hoping to tap into an existing WFM user. We have a conversion as at 1 Jul 2012, and need to bring existing WIP into the file.

Whats the best strategy you have found for getting this in place?
Hey Cassandra, looking forward to the disscussion - in the same boat as you

Gayle Buchanan  

Good morning. The short answer is that the WFM implementation team can assist you in extracting WIP from your current system and convert it into WFM. The complexity of the process depends on what your current Practice Management System is as well as your requirements in WFM. For example, we are very much able to extract current WIP balances by job from MYOB AO and import the amounts into WFM and attach those balances to a job. The standard conversion will attach current (not aged) balances to a Job called "Opening Balance" if you like, as well as a task with a similar name. We are not able to convert detailed WIP transactions. That means that the balances brought in are not aged, not split between time and disbursements, and not attached to an employee. Ideally you'd have thought of your WFM jobs and job templates and have them set up prior to the import. We are very eager to discuss your requirements around your conversion and put together an implementation plan.

Louis Reinecke (Xero Staff)  

Hi Louis

My fault, I should have been clearer. It's not the Practice Manager version. WFM is being usedby a business for project management in a scientific consulting firm, and it is their existing WIP that we are looking at bringing into the file. Extant system doesn't have great info in it (hence transition to WFM), so looking at best way to bring this info in.

Cassandra Scott  

Hi Cassandra,
The process will be the same in any event. What you need to do is create some sort of report from the extant system in order for us to manipulate, more than likely in MS Excel and then import into WFM. There really is only one way to do it, which is by doing a Job Cost Import from within WFM. If your current system does not allow for reporting to Excel, we could help you get the data out. Follow the link below for information on what is required for an import into WFM.

Louis Reinecke (Xero Staff)  

Hello Louis,
I am just reading this thread as I have a client who is using Jobs in MYOB. I am arranging for his data file to be converted to Xero and I am going to be setting up WorkflowMax for him. My only issue is how to get his current WIP across into WFM so he can use them and also report on the, income/costs etc. What would be the best process if you dont mind me asking?
Regards Justin

Justin Rigby  

Hi Justin,
We have written an extensive conversion routine for MYOB AO since the last post here.
So, yes, we can now convert actual time sheets by Job, by task, by staff into WFM, so that what the user has with respect to un-billed time, i.e. WIP in AO, will be reflected in WFM.
So the best process here is to engage with my team on this so we can set you up.
The same goes for MYOB business products, however, the source file for the WIP/time balances will most probably have to be exported from MYOB, into a csv or xls file and then imported as time sheets into WFM. Note, all employees, charge rates and jobs need to exist in WFM prior to the import. Jobs and employees can also be imported.
Hope this helps

Louis Reinecke (Xero Staff)  

Hello Louis, Since my email I have worked out how to import a Client, Job, then a Job Cost as an opening balance. This will show a cost and price. However there is no way of importing historical invoice amount. Therefore the cost imported is sitting waiting to be invoiced.
Regards Justin

Justin Rigby  

Hello Louis, Would you mind if I sent you a direct email. my email is justin@justintimeconsulting.com.au
Regards Justin

Justin Rigby  

Good Afternoon,
We are using Xero for our Construction company and we would like to connect with a system which allows us to run a WIP.
I have log in for two weeks try with WorkflowMax i did connect with Xero but unfortunately the data wasn't exported.
Is there actual way of sharing the data between those two systems?

Thank you.

Malgorzata Ptasznik  

Hi Malgorzata,

The connection between WorkflowMax and Xero shares contact detail and Invoice detail, so that, depending on the setup of the system, invoices created and contacts created or updated in WFM are ported to Xero.
WIP is managed in WFM only, and upon billing WIP, the resulting invoice will appear in Xero.
This support page should answer any further questions you may have:
https://support.workflowmax.com/#search-xero integration, otherwise contact support@workflowmax.com



Louis Reinecke (Xero Staff)  

Hi Louis,
I am wondering if you can help importing timesheets. We are struggling to find a way to import existing timesheets for a client job from one WFM system to another, support say it can't be done but your post intimates it can be?
Any help greatly appreciated!

Melanie Gribbin  

Hi Melanie,
You can reach out to me at Louis.Reinecke@xero.com to continue this discussion.

Louis Reinecke (Xero Staff)