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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |CRM

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 19 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Arlo, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Arlo

Arlo is Training & Event Management software that seamlessly integrates with Xero. Your total solution for managing events, webinars, courses and elearning.
For more information, check out Arlo.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Arlo, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, email the Arlo support centre. For setup advice check out Arlo's setup instructions

Arlo is a great tool, easy to understand and use. It is also frequently extended and the added functions are actually useful, the team really thinks like training providers which is so valuable. The integration with Xero also works great. Whenever something does not work, their support teams are very quick in sorting it out.

Vivian Bluemel  

Arlo is great…that’s why we use it - works well with Xero and has allowed us to get on with our new business and the invoicing takes care of itself!

Hayley Murdoch  

Xero is a good tool to keep track of the accounting and is user-friendly as well. It is simple and straightforward

Amanda Dzivhani  

We are using Xero and Arlo. Both a great programmes. Especially, Xero facilitates our accounting extremely. We also have a company in Germany and tried to find a similar tool. But the apps in good old Germany are far away from the functionality of XERO.

maxx-solar academy  

Having used Arlo with great success in a previous company, Arlo was first choice for online event booking software for our new company. The Arlo team made our job easy to set up and everything works well between our website, Xero and client communication. I recommend Arlo to businesses looking for a great online event booking system. What better recommendation can I give than Arlo was my first choice.

David Fleming  

Our company has been using Arlo and Xero for eight years. Arlo is a wonderful CRM tool that can be used in many ways - we wouldn't be without it. Fuctionality between Arlo and Xero is very easy. We openly recommend Arlo and Xero to others.

Cathy Anderson  

The integration between Arlo and Xero has saved so much time in my business. People can now register on-line and pay by credit card and the information integrates to Xero. Debtor days have been significantly reduced too!

Zara Duffy  

Arlo is a great system to use and the integration between Xero and Arlo is excellent - recommended!

Georgia Frith  

XERO and ARLO work greatly together and this has been a massive asset to our company.

amy stevens  

We love the integration between Arlo and Xero, it works seamlessly and allows our accounts department who do not have access to Arlo to feed the data into Arlo. I would definitely recommend Arlo and Xero.

Steph Fox  

ARLO has streamlined our payment system for events with the Xero integration that has reduced my workload significantly. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for event management and payment system.

Momentum Invoicing  

The Arlo to Xero plug in was easy to implement and is very quick to transfer an Arlo Order to a Xero draft invoice (I reckon about 5-10 seconds!!) It saves us a stack of time in not having to double-up, cut and paste, etc.

However, would be extra great if Arlo could update an existing related Xero invoice if the original Arlo Order is cancelled or changed. I would then give it the 5 stars.

Mark Mannering  

At Flying Fish we have been using Xero for accounting for a few years. Its great. We had a clunky CRM that didn't interface well with our bookings system. and we manually entered data into Xero.

Then we found ARLO which was not only a very effective automation of our booking system but also happened to sync with Xero out of the box. The integration was easy and has been very efficient. Thank-you ARLO this has saved us a mountain of admin and double handling. Cant recommend this enough.

Andy Fairclough  

I am relatively new to Arlo and Xero. The plugin was very easy to setup and integrates without any problem. Now my information flows seamlessly across both platform. Great app!

Laurence Tan  

The Xero integration for Arlo is easy to set up, easy to manage and sync amazingly.
Our accounts department update Xero to confirm a customer has paid an invoice and almost instantly I can see that the customer has paid in Arlo. Cannot recommend it enough!

Steph Fox  

Syncs seamlessly with Xero :)

Parikshit Kikla  

We were already on Xero and then added Arlo, love the integration between the two systems, right 'out of the box'. Arlo has the best support I have had for any online software I've used.

Alice Harper  

I have just put a client on Arlo for their training bookings and it has changed her business! Gone are spreadsheets, double processing of data (into spreadsheets and the previous CRM) and trawling through emails to ensure all registrations have been done. Gone are chasing payments as credit card payments are processed automatically (that's usually the first we know someone has booked on a course). This program is saving us hours each month and we only wish we had found it sooner. It was so easy to learn how to use it, and the support staff are fantastic should you need them. 5 stars doesn't do it justice in my opinion, I can't rate it highly enough.

Gillian Krzanich  

We have used Arlo for a number of years now and have been very impressed with its functionality and support. Glad to see Arlo has joined the Xero add on market place. If you need a system to manage training and events then check this out - recommended.

Melanie Morris