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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Point of sale

2.4 out of 5 stars
Based on 16 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and iZettle, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About iZettle

Europe’s leading mobile payments company. Provides tools small merchants need to accept all payments and grow sales with a free point of sale and card reader. For more information, check out iZettle.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with iZettle, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support visit the iZettle Support Centre.

Can anyone tell me why sales figures from izettle have started coming through gross inc VAT when they previously always came through net?? I can't see anything I can change in the settings, or that has changed. But in August my P&L started showing the gross amount rather than the net and I need to change it back. Thanks

Ben Landregan  

Never before has one app caused me so much manual work. Because of the inaccurate nature of the cash accounting feed used by iZettle to feed daily sales into Xero and the lack of products being fed across I was left with multiple unpaid invoices. No one from Xero or iZettle is remotely helpful on the matter therefore I have ended up manually creating a spreadshett using the invoice template in Xero which has taken around 30 hours only to find out that you can't even bulk delete or remove payments from the invoices iZettle has uploaded on my behalf. This is going to be another 20-30 hours work to remove them and that's not even including having to upload the new ones and reconcile them correctly. An embarrassing attempt at integration.

Stephen Surgenor  

Izettle itself is excellent. I could not give it a higher reccommendation. As far as integration with XERO goes, oh my god no.
I have literally been trying to get the two accounts connected for 4 months now. Both companies say I should try and resolve the issue with the other company.
The customer support with izettle is really quite terrible. It took 2 weeks to find someone who understood that gmail was the same as googlemail and deign to respond to me.
Izettle are owned by paypal, giving them a near monopoly so I am just waiting for the sudden increase in charges.

Byrne Harris  

iZettle is a superb mPOS solution, it is perfect for coffee shops and small retail stores. Once connected with Xero, iZettle will send all of the transactions as a daily sales invoice and you can add an iZettle as a 'bank account' too. The integration is much more reliable than it used to be as I rarely hear about missing items or duplicates from my accountant now :)

Tim Hopkins  

iZettle is a great mobile card reader in it's own right, but it's EPOS features are perfect for small hospitality and retail businesses, even market stalls.
It gives you a free EPOS app, with which you can record all your sales (not just card). The beauty of this is that 10pm every night, iZettle automatically sends your daily sales to Xero, including VAT and payment methods. The best EPOS integration I know of!

We love using it ourselves for card payments (also customer not here payments) and have lots of happy clients using it, and saving themselves loads of admin and bookkeeping time :)

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

OK for summary daily movements, but rather generate invoices out of Xero?
What the interface does:
Adds up all your sales for the day:
DR Debtors (custom iZettle account, depending on how you set this up)
CR Sales
Then processes payments
DR iZettle Cash (as not in your bank yet, but being collected via iZettle)
CR Debtors
Then your bank statement gets the cash (a few days later)
DR Cash
CR iZettle Cash (make sure your rules pick this up correctly, or you'll potentially book the proceeds incorrectly as sales...)

Invoicing - invoices get batched with cash sales and all are reflected as one Xero "invoice", so you lose details like invoice due date, which messes with the Xero dashboard.
Invoice payments don't seem to come through cleanly, so this may require manual adjustments.

If you want to get sales detail in Xero, you are limited to downloading it from iZettle, mapping it to a Xero journal and importing the journal to split it out correctly - I'm still building this bit. It would be nice not to have to do this, but I suppose from iZettle's point of view, it's a cost-benefit thing - makes their interface a lot more complex and more prone to error.

So in short,
Card sales work well on a summarised basis
Cash sales through iZettle are OK, but you might have to clear the iZettle petty cash balance manually when depositing takings
Invoices - better to set up invoicing on Xero, in my opinion, subject to cost benefit considerations..

Mark Smit  

Can anyone advise how to change VAT settings on sales invoices being brought over from iZettle to Xero? They are showing exempt when as far as I can see all of the iZettle and Xero settings are showing standard rated. Thanks

Susan Gee  

The integration with izettle installed seamlessly and work well for 6 months. However since the beginning of April no transactions from izettle have synced across to xero. Izettle have promised to respond to both my on-line requests and phone enquiries, however there has been no replies offering a solution. I am now forced to start looking at changing to a different POS provider. It will be an interesting case for trading standards as both Izettle and Xero advertise full integration

barry edmondson  

Nothing was particularly seamless in integrating iZettle and Xero. It took over two months to link the two as there was an integration issue that iZettle was aware of and working on fixing but didn't have a date when. It has been fixed, as I've FINALLY integrated the two, but I didn't receive any notifications from iZettle it had been done.

I use Stripe for most of my invoice processing as the rate for UK cards is 1.4% and you can include the link in Xero invoices. But for overseas cards it is 2.9% which is where iZettle is slightly more competitive at 2.5%. Obvs it is also good to be able to process payments with the card holder there. But really with iZettle, you get what you pay for with the lower rate of interest. It is a great basic system which integrates nicely (I had no end of issues with Square) with my mobile phone and the invoicing is OK. Yes, it would be great if all the details mentioned elsewhere were addressed - as people say, I have to break out the iZettle payment (and create new invoices for each sum) so there is a lot of doubling of effort. However, I know that WorldPay and others do offer this - it's just that they also offer far higher rates of interest, and given my average transaction is four figures, I want to keep things reasonable for my clients.

Will I go the distance with iZettle? No, not with the current setup, it creates a lot of work accounts wise given there is no way to import invoicing details into Xero so you just have to make two of everything. I think that in another year or so I will look for a more sophisticated solution. But it is good for now, and was quick to get going (even if slower to integrate with Xero!).

Ruth Donaldson  

Hi Philip,

My name is Ruben and I work at iZettle. I'm sorry to hear that you were mislead about how the integration works between iZettle and Xero. The integration creates a single invoice for all sales made during a day, and it's been that way since the launch of the integration.

When researching how the integration should work, the majority of users preferred getting a single summed invoice of all daily purchases - and I'm sorry to hear that this doesn't meet your requirements. Regarding the misleading information, it would be great if you could point me to where you read this and I will take it upon myself to rectify the mistake. You're more than welcome to contact me at ruben@izettle.com.

iZettle AB  

I decided to purchase and use iZettle as a card/payment device for my new business earlier this year, based largely on the marketing pages within Xero which stated clearly that iZettle integration produces an invoice for each sale made.

Unfortunately this is not true and it has left me and my business with some very annoying and costly issues.

I require an individual invoice to be created when a sale is processed with the iZettle reader.

Unfortunately Izettle integration only produces a SUMMED invoice of all the daily transactions made. This means that you cannot allocate correctly individual customer invoices to the customers who actually paid for services in Xero (and then into my other Xero integrated app insightly). So if you have four clients in a day for example, each who paid for a service worth £50, the automated integration in Xero would show a single (rather than four as offered in the marketing) invoice made out to iZettle as the customer for £200. It is not helpful at all as this data cannot then be allocated to the four individual customers who each should have a £50 invoice created in Xero. Worse the link into insightly which is a marketing database which should track individual sales for each client breaks down as their is no individual invoice.

I have spent a month discussing with Xero and iZettle customer support who admit the issue, have said sorry for their marketing and then offered nothing to actually solve it. And along the way blamed each other.

It is false advertising and is proving very expensive for me without any sign that Xero or iZettle takes this seriously

Philip Baxter  

As an accountant I have implemented iZettle into several businesses. I guess from the reviews, certainly the more recent ones, people are obviously concerned about the inventory link with Xero. From an accountants perspective we acknowledge this as a limitation but advise our clients to simply post a stock adjustment journal within Xero once a week. So in other words you stop using the Xero 'inventory' section and just post the movement as an accounting journal. This is because your inventory is completely tracked within iZettle and there is no need to duplicate. I hope that helps!

David Jones  

izettle added invoice automatically to xero but on the invoice there is only one item with description sales and total for the day. How do I update my inventory in xero? I've sold various items.

Lukasz Dziwosz  

I love iZettle and I find Xero very helpful, but the link between them is not really helpful. I started using Xero because I was already using iZettle and I thought I could sync the inventory. But it is not the case and I need to do it twice.
It would be ideal if they were connected and every time you sold an item via iZettle, Xero discounted one unit from the inventory... Maybe in future updates...

Celia García-Rubio  

My beauty salon client started using iZettle back in July 2016. I got her on xero in January 2017 and synchronised/integrated the two a week or so later with no real issues.

Disappointing that there is still no auto-sync / integration at the product type level. But apart from an iritating numbers format issue in Excel the iZettle sales report export provides a sound basis for a monthly journal in xero to move the sales en masses from Sales to each product category. Happy to advise if anybody needs help.

Disappointed that xero seems to take no responsibility or interest in how an integrated product works / impacts on xero and in particular not setting a quality standard for integrated apps to explain their double-entry in xero. In iZettle's case it's hard work to track the entries through Sales: AP and AP:IZettle and then to understand that the Bank reconciliation is to iZettle. And even after finding the additional detail in iZettle Statement it still well nigh impossible without a lot of effort to reconcile transactions : invoice : bank receipts.


I recently set up Xero software with no problems until it came to integration with iZettle, which I could not get to work.

I contacted Xero support who said the connection seemed to be set up as far as they could see, so speak to iZettle. They added that they cannot speak to iZettle for data protection reasons.

I contacted iZettle support who said speak to Xero. After some back and forth and repeating the initial setup a couple of times with no improvement, I found the name of someone at iZettle on one of the Xero support threads. I emailed them directly and they put me in touch with a colleague who looked into it for me. This felt more hopeful. There were a couple of recommendations, which I actioned, but it still doesn't work.
I emailed again a week ago to let him know that it hadn't worked and got no reply. I phoned today, he was very polite and said nobody else has had a problem - which I pointed out was not really true if you look at these pages - but he would get back to me. Later got an email to say that they are still looking at it but can't find the problem, they are actively looking at the problem but can't find an immediate fix.

So I'm left with a large number of unreconciled transactions in Xero with a choice of "wait and see" if iZettle come up with anything, or decide to go and figure out the correct way to record and reconcile the transactions manually. I will probably do the latter, as without the transactions reconciled I can't use some of the Xero functions I would like to.

It has taken weeks to get to this point I find this very disappointing. So I rate the iZettle / Xero integration and support 1 - and I'd give it minus 1 if that was an option.
I think the support for this integration really needs someone to look at it from both ends and:
(a) make sure the integration actually works - if not, withdraw from advertising it until such time as it does
(b) set up an effective support process with both parties that gives a clear process and contact/s for resolving any issues.

I think the current support process for this particular issue is badly thought out to the point of appearing slightly chaotic. This is a great shame as, in all other respects, both products do what they are supposed to and seem to do it rather well.

If this is not a Xero problem, then I would encourage Xero to encourage iZettle to get their act together and address it, as the current situation reflects poorly on both companies, whatever the actual issue is.

Ann Biddle  

Integration with xero doesn't work, customer support a waste of time.

We have been using IZettle for nearly a year now, generally with no problems. I chose to try out xero partly because of the integration with iZettle. Things were going fine until I tried to connect my iZettle account.

The first night it updated about a couple of months worth of transactions, then the second night it updated until July 10th. Since then it has fail to update at all. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the accounts and everything else could think of to try before I called iZettle.

First time I called them I was told to update my ISO and app as xero connected directly to the iZettle app on my tablet. I didn’t think that sounded right but went along with it (it’s not right). The next time I called I was told to speak to xero. I called xero and was told that since iZettle developed the integration I should call them.

So I spent the best part of a week going between iZettle and xero getting nowhere. The last time I spoke to iZettle I was told they would have to speak to their API team and then get back to me (they haven’t). iZettle have not replied to my last two emails and I have given up calling them as it takes so long to get thru, and then I frequently get cut off.

Now I have to decide if I want to carry on using xero without iZettle intergration.

Iain MacLeod  

Hi Kay, my name is Clementine and I work with iZettle. Our team is investigating your case and I would recommend you send me directly your iZettle user details at clementine@izettle.com

This way I can check directly for you and get back to you as fast as possible :)

Clementine Masson-Lecomte  

Kay, this page is just for the review of iZettle - which is why you're only able to comment once. You're much more likely to get an answer to your question if you post it in our Using Add-ons section :) Otherwise, you can just get in touch with their Support team.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I have just started integrating iZettle into Xero which is fantastic. The only problem is that the sales invoices are VAT exempt. I have made sure all the settings are showing 20% VAT but for some reason VAT isn't being applied. Can anyone offer any advice on this? Many thanks

kay Bryn-Hussey  

Been using iZettle for just over a year now and it works really well for us.
We take a lot of low value transactions, so the speed of the card reader and ipad software is great. Even better now we have the contactless reader.

The integration with xero works well.

Ben Govier  

I am using Izettle and have been for two months. So far so good. Planning on linking to Xero, we are now out of the trial month and fully signed up. It seems to be taking me quite a while to set Xero up but I'm not an accounting person and with running a business and family it is all about finding the time. The support from Xero has been very good and prompt.

I really hope they can integrate it so we can upload the individual product sales as this was one feature I particularly wanted, the stock control at the end of the day automatically.

Any progress on this?

John Aspden  

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your comments.

We at iZettle are very excited about the opportunities our interface with Xero brings for seamless accounting. This lets you import your sales and payments data daily from your iZettle into your Xero account.

Regarding initial authorization, we do a quick one-time “Find & Match” process for your iZettle deposits. This transaction will then show up under your bank reconciliation page in Xero. Then you are good to go! All iZettle payments will then start being transferred to Xero accounts.

Each transaction type can have a dedicated account in Xero. You may have accounts for iZettle Card Payments, cash payments entered through the POS, iZettle sales, as well as iZettle refunds. Fees are credited from the sales account, unless you want to create a separate fee account.

Regarding your comments on product, I have passed your feedback on to our development team. We strive to continue to improve the integration with Xero to deliver maximum value to our customers. For the moment you can solve this by extracting a sales report from your iZettle portal and enter the product data into corresponding Xero accounts.

Many thanks for your feedback and please stay in touch.

Best regards,

Tom, iZettle



see https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/9858473/ for discussion.
18May2015: Sorry Tom, I marked your reply as 'reported', while I was trying to find a way to create a further post on this thread.....

'take-on' complete. 542 product items, and conversion balances, and devised a way to deal with 'Sale or Return' (using Purchase Orders, etc.)
iZettle interface has been activated again - as I had used it during the trial. I haven't seen anything coming through to Xero yet, ticket with IZettle, as I suspect the interface needs to be 'reset', or something.

Another area that we would like to see addressed is a way to 'sync' the products between Xero and iZettle, as this could get to be a manual nightmare, with changing prices, adding new products, etc.

Still too early to change my 1-star rating....

@Margaret, Hope your implementation is going OK. I would be glad to exchange ideas and thoughts. You can find me at MartinSmithFRC@gmail.com
iZettle is used as PoS (Cash and credit card - using the card reader). Products are entered and grouped for ease of use on the 'cash register' (ipad). Daily, Monthly sales can be monitored via the web.
iZettle transfers money each week collected from card payments, directly to our bank account.
Using Xero for accounting, and one big draw is the fact that there is an interface/connection to iZettle.
During the trial period, this connection was switched on, with request to process info for last month as well as going forward. Only a few transactions appeared in Xero, and needed further work and authorisation to update Xero accounts.
Only the financial aspects integrate (cash, credit card sales and deposits from iZettle). Product info is NOT a part of the interface, so we will have to manually enter each product sold to get CoGs and update of inventory in Xero. A request has been made of iZettle to include the product details (which should be quite simple, as the sales appear as an invoice with just one line, and this could be extended to list each product on multiple lines).
Once we 'switch on' Xero fully, we will be chasing iZettle to get the interface working with ALL the transactions, and will continue to ask for the product detail, which will save a lot of work.
Hopefully, I can return and increase the rating once we 'go live', but in the meantime, I can only give this interface 1 star, although iZettle itself would get at least 4 stars.

Is anyone else using this interface?

Martin Smith