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Custom GL lines on invoices and bills

Started by Russell Kallman in Feature Requests | Idea

Hi Guys. One of the very few good features of NetSuite (and in general there are not many) is that it allows there to be custom GL entries associated with existing document types such as bills, invoices, payments etc.

Right now every external addon is extremely cumbersome. They need to post manual journals separately to the bill or invoice to account for costs or other accounting specific needs for their context.

Imagine how much easier the reporting and analysis for your customers would be if those external addons could simply add additional non-standard journal lines to bills and invoices. You can start by only allowing certified addons to do this.

From your perspective you just need to do one trick. Expose some signal to the user that there are additional journal impacts associated with the document and then allow then to see the full GL impacts related to the document.

This kind of journal link/preview is table stakes for your competition if you want to play in the mid-tier world and climb up the ladder from very small businesses.