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I'd like to use my tracking items as a field on my e mail templates

Started by Richard Pinder in Feature Requests | Idea


I run a company that organises events and I use tracking to track the sales and purchases of each event.

When I raise an invoice in respect of a particular event, where I will have put on the invoice which event it relates to under my own individual tracking field, I would like the e mail template to use the information relating to the event.

If I have two events, say a Charity Fundraiser and a Sales Conference, I track these two things and when drafting an invoice I use the tracking function so I know where the sales sit. What I would like is for the e mail template to also use the items I track so the template could say: Thank you for booking on the "Charity Fundraiser/Sales Conference"...

If this could be added as a field to be used in an e mail template that'd be great.