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Invoices/Bills - Enter full Contact details at the time of entering a new transaction

Started by Adam Haining in Feature Requests | Working on it

It's would be great if there was an easier way to enter contact details, without having to leave the invoice page.
What i mean is how you have the "Add New Inventory Item" function when you are entering products on an invoice. it is seamless and allows great work flow.

If you are entering/creating an draft/invoice it allows you to just type in a new contact name, but then when you want to e-mail the draft/invoice, you have to go into contacts and enter all the details, then come back out, find the invoice then send it.
Official Xero Reply
Apologies we’ve been so quiet in this space. Contacts work has been a bit more staggered than we’d hoped in the last year, with the team having to deviate from our initial plans.
With that being said I’m happy to say new invoicing is in it’s pilot phase, atm. As part of new invoicing, when adding a contact ‘on the fly’, you’ll be able to add their name, email, postal address and phone #. :) Will let you know when it’s available to you all.

Kelly M (Community Manager)