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Started by Stephanie Humphris -   in Using Xero

I'm currently chasing clients with overdue invoices.

Every time i chase them, i have to add a note on to their Xero account to keep a record.

I have been asked to print a report weekly of all clients with all notes along side them to see where we are with chasing.

Is there a report to do this? As it would really help to have one document of each client and the latest chasing notes. Rather that each individual
Hello Stephanie,

Have you tried generating the History and Notes Activity Report for this? It may help you filter the Notes and set the period.The support team may be able to assist you better on this.

Hope that helps.

Kriesel Gaspar  

Definitely a really good suggestion here, Kriesel. Cheers :)

Stephanie, there's no way to print out the list of notes that've been entered against invoices. As Kriesel pointed out, you could run the History & Notes Activity to sort by Notes in a set date range - more info on this report here.

Kavi S (Community Manager)