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Files - Create a smart folder in Files—like the Inbox—that lists all files attached to transactions.

Started by Jay Kvam in Feature Requests | Idea

A smart folder in Files—like the Inbox—that lists all files attached to transactions would be quite useful! Such a folder could have the same columns as user-created folders and the Inbox. In fact, the folder would act essentially like an “anti”-Inbox, showing all files acted upon, the flip side of the Inbox. Not only would this address a number of other feature requests that I’ve read but also, and perhaps more importantly, it would provide the ability to sort files by file size. That feature alone would empower users who would like to be proactive about managing their company’s data footprint with the information needed to remove or compress those files that cut the most into their allotment.

To emphasize the point, at present, if someone were to upload, either on purpose or inadvertently, a 10 MB to a transaction and then move on, that person could never directly find that file again based on size alone, yet that single file would amount to a significant chunk of the rough company document capacity allowance.

In terms of development, the functionality of this folder is merely the opposite of the Inbox, so it, seemingly, should be very easy to implement for programmers.

Personally, I’ve since purchased Adobe Acrobat Pro DC—despite the additional ongoing expense—because it includes very useful tools that have helped me dramatically decrease the size of bloated PDFs. Unfortunately, I have previously attached mid- to larger-sized files to certain transactions in Xero, and I now have no way to identify those more weighty ones to download, optimize, and re-upload. The feature requested would enable me to do that most effectively.