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AU Payroll - Pay run issues

Started by Mark Smith -   in AU Payroll

I'm trying to process payroll today and when going through the process of creating a payrun it is only bringing in one employee, is this happening to anyone else??
There could be a couple of reasons for why this might be happening, Mark:

- Your employee may be on an inactive pay calendar,
- their pay calendar may not match the pay run calendar
- the employee's termination date might not fall in the calendar period for the run, or
- the payment summary's been published for the current financial year

We have a support article that covers a little bit more info on these situations and what you'll need to do to correct these. If after looking through this article you need a hand, do give support a ping by clicking on the "Get in touch" button at the bottom of the page. :)

Kavi S (Community Manager)  

I have checked all of these things and ALL employees except one are unable to be selected. The last payrun went through as normal and there are no termination dates in any of the employees. This is not normal and not something I have been able to figure out hence wondering if it was a "software" issue rather than a user issue.

Mark Smith  

Mark, thanks for coming back to me here and for going through the check list. There isn't much we can do from Community to figure out what exactly is happening. I'm unable to see any emails to support about this from your current login here.

If you can, can you please give the team a buzz so that they dig a little deeper into this? You can point them to this thread, so that you don't have to type your question again. :)

Kavi S (Community Manager)  

I have the same issue with running september's payroll. This is the issue i'm getting:

"Something went wrong while posting for the pay run Monthly Pay Run: September 2018. Please contact Xero support with details."

Ty Lim  

Thanks for jumping on here, Ty. I can't see any emails to support from your current login about this. Can you please flick the team a message? They can then use the tools they have at hand to investigate better into this. :)

Kavi S (Community Manager)