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Xavier Analytics

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 36 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Xavier Analytics, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Xavier Analytics

Take control of your data with Xavier Analytics. Build reports, spot anomalies and take action on AI insights generated by Xavier's analytical engine. For more information, check out Xavier Analytics.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Xavier Analytics, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Xavier Analytics support centre or email support@xavier-analytics.com.

A new and exciting app. which is more than your average workflow app. This piece of software pulls in critical data from Xero and makes my job of reviewing our team's work easier. As a new accounting practice Xavier will be a real investment for our business, The software subscription paid for itself from square 1. As soon as I integrated our Xero clients I found that one of our accountants had made a $4,000 processing error which originated from his lack of attention when processing supplier invoices in Receipt Bank. I located and advised him what had happened and how to make the corrections. I'm glad this is available in Australia.

Steven Mulligan  

Great product, working very well with our bookkeeping clients and is a fantastic tool to identify problems with new clients and a must before starting any new compliance work

Mitchell Brooks  

Just been using this now for about a month and have to say it is one of my favourite pieces of software. Love it!!!

The analytics and health checks are fab. I've started building the focus workflows and they're working great as well.

The support is excellent. Really looking forward to seeing how they develop it from here!

Debbie Lynch  

Just at the start of using Xavier, looks like there are a number of numerous tools we can use including analysing potential new client files as it gives a clear breakdown of numbers of transactions going through the file.

Clive Mazin  

We've just started using this but so far, we are loving it!!! Allows for detailed analysis and customized reporting to maximize the Xero experience.

Sarah Hopen  

Would Xavier be a useful took for a bookkeeper to use? Unfortunately I don't do year-ends as the accountants do them but I would like to do more and this has come highly recommended?

Laura Rudge  

Absolutely loving Xavier, I check the findings daily and know that it will pick up any duplicates that have slipped through by mistake. Great tool to have.

Joanna Prosser  

Just starting to use it and getting to know it but so far it's been an enormous help with some year end checks. Very easy to navigate. We are now setting up other workflows for month end processes and VAT checks - it's a really valuable tool. Highly recommend it.

Jo Carro  

Really useful tool for review of Xero files and gives great insights.

Using the focus tool to create bespoke workflows for VAT, management accounts reviews ect ect allows less experienced staff members to go the extra mile and complete checks that may not have been obvious for them but takes them through the motions really saving time at that review stage of a job if you have multiple people touching a file.

From looking at Xaivier I can almost intently get a feel for how up to date and tidy a file is. There are also things that Xaiver flags instantly that would otherwise take countless hours of human time making the product great value for money. One of my favourite strap on products for Xero so far.

Alex Skipper  

Just starting using Xavier and can see some amazing value in it - great for automating processes in the firm, quick reviews of Xero files and giving insights to clients on the fly. Its easy to set up and start using, and the features are constantly being improved and updated too. We're looking to use it across various areas of the business, internally and externally and can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Kate Griffiths  

What an excellent tool. We ran it on a client and it alerted us to the fact that the client had to come out of cash accounting! This was caught just in time and would probably have been missed in our quarterly reviews.

We are using it on all of our management reviews now.

Paul Donno  

Advisory is what we're all excited about because we are committed to making a tangible difference to our client's businesses. But advisory comes from insights and insights come from analysing data.

Despite all the developments in real time cloud accounting, the truth is that we are still fighting an ongoing battle to get the data right.

Xavier is solving that problem in a seamless and beautiful way.

Paul Barnes  

Xavier is a great tool to gain insights into Xero data. The new Focus workflows will help to review the insights Xavier highlights is a systemised way.

Alex Graham  

Xavier is a great toolkit that helps spot those errors so you don't have to. Great for any accounting practice. Easy to use, that's coming from a technophobe!!

Angela Appiah Shippey  

Xavier is great! I love it. The insights it provides are so useful and makes it easy and quick to resolve any errors such as wrongly coded transactions, incorrect VAT postings. Fixed asset mapping.

I also like the fact you can link it straight to a new client who is already on xero so you can easily see how well they're using xero.

It has definitely helped us ensure clients are getting the best out of all the features within xero.

Sally Claxton  

Would recommend as a great addition to any Xero integration, I use Xavier every month and it saves me time and allows me to be confident that the accounts are correct.

Particularly appreciate the Regular Suppliers feature - this let's me do a quick run down to ensure we aren't missing invoices from anyone, or we haven't doubled up in a month. Also appreciate historic changes - this makes it easy to work out what transactions have changed old balances. Especially useful for those queries extending into previous years!

If you are deciding whether to use Xavier I recommend diving in and trying the two features Duplicate Contacts and Multi-Coded contacts. These provide value in the first hour.

Rob Williamson  

Xavier has been a great addition to our Xero app stack and has helped us identify inconsistencies in Xero data and how to improve the quality and reliability of the information. It has helped speed up processes that would have previously taken a lot of time, such as the multi-coded contacts feature which highlights account and tax rate miscoding. And has helped us identify year end back postings through the historical changes feature which has allowed us to identify exact transactions with ease rather than posting an adjustment journal to correct the back posting.

It has been great working with the members of the Xavier team as they are very responsive to queries and open to developments that we think Xavier could further assist us with in our day to day work. I look forward to seeing what else will form part of the rapid development of Xavier as it has been very beneficial so far and can only get even better!

Aaron Sutton  

Xavier is an absolutely fantastic piece of software that improves not only the accuracy and attention to detail within transactions in Xero but also creates an easier way of reviewing reports. A huge time saver and a great way of presenting client data!

Robyn Jones  

Fantastic tool which has transformed part of the on-boarding journey - allowing me to share with clients issues with their current processes and proposing ways we will be able to help! Thank you!

Rachel Hutchinson  

A great tool that not only allows accounting practitioners and business owners get a great insight into their numbers and ensure their data is clean and accurate, but also a brilliant time saver allowing large amounts of data to be analysed in one place.


Clare Harwood  

It's an Amazing tool. All the cleanup features, specially the Multi-coded contact are so helpful to maintain consistency and accurate data. Saves so much time.
Highly recommended!

Fllajder Disha  

Xavier provides a great set of tools that Xero should have built-in.

If you've been disappointed with the shortcomings of Xero HQ and want to gain a true portfolio-level overview of your clients with various metrics relating to their Xero orgs (and to be able to see who needs help) then Xavier is for you. The team behind Xavier are keen to help and incorporate improvements. It's clear they understand the value that getting the underlying data right plays in our ability to provide value as advisers.

In a marketplace increasingly swamped by gimmicky tools that overpromise, this is a genuinely useful tool solving problems for modern and proactive accountants and advisers.

Tom Vey  

Xavier's helpful toolkit has helped us sort out and clean our Xero data.

Lucy Anstey  

A great tool for getting insights on your Xero data and cleansing data.

Matt Portt  

A really useful tool allowing us to run Xero health checks quickly and spot where we could be making efficiencies in Xero. Very user-friendly and constantly improving.

Alicia Williams  

Xaviers helpful toolkit has helped us sort out and clean our Xero data

Barbara Gaunt  

A really useful tool that gives you Xero information in one place. Easy to use and always updating. Makes my job a lot easier and saves me endless amounts of time when looking for something.

Liz Jones  

Really helpful analytical tool. Understanding clients progress, presenting information in a slick fashion and finding errors within Xero!

Jonathan Berry  

Xavier has helped our practice streamline our workflows, clean our data and help us service those issues to tell clients quickly. Definitely try it out!

Reece Philpot  

Xavier is a game-changer - it has saved us time and has improved the quality of the data in Xero, through a process of Clean, Track, Report and Repeat process.

Jonathan Gaunt  

I love this tool! This has saved me tons of time - both in quality checking the work done by the team and also our quarterly VAT checks. The team have also loved cleaning the Xero systems up so they can increase their health ratings - they say its like a game.
I can't wait until they integrate with Receipt Bank so we can have our supplier defaults updated in there.

Heather Darnell  

What a great investigative tool this is! It analyses so many transactions at the mere click of a button, and provides greats insights. Such a time saver!

Joshua Hendy  

Great tool to help save lots of time for practioners. We usually have staff review the entire general ledger each month to manually spot miscodings. This product eliminates the chance that we miss something and makes sure that we are able to catch miscodings early. I also love that it will automatically set up the default coding in the contact.

The product has a great thread of new ideas to continue to make it a great product to streamline and make sure data is accurate.

Donna L. Bordeaux CPA  

A brilliant analytical tool that gives you full control of insights as well as reaching those places Xero just can't!

Louis Phillips  

I love this tool! It allows you to present data in a way that's much more attractive to your clients. Can't recommend enough.

Kier Kemp  

A real time saver! Finally something that automates the VAT return process!

Craig Bailey  

A great tool that gives real flexibility in the way you view Xero data; allowing pivot table esq. analysis of your Xero information. No longer will you be searching through account codes for transactions. This format really lets you understand the numbers and trends in it.

Intelligent insights that will save you hours; such as wrongly coded transactions, duplicate contacts. Helpful little tools such as calculated corporation tax accrued and VAT payments due. All in all a really useful tool that would help any accounting practice or business owner to understand their numbers with ease.

Simon Williams