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Quickbooks Payroll Conversion

Started by Bradley Field -   in AU Payroll

Has anyone seen or come up with a method of migrating payroll data from quickbooks into XERO / Paycycle???

Hi Bradley, Payroll in any accounting system is complex. The data you want does not hold neatly in a single place which makes an automated conversion difficult ... Other than Paycycle/Xero I know MYOB more than Quickbooks but the data is the same. So other than getting another human to do this for you I don't know of a way to do this.

There is data that relates to employee, as well as the superfund and then there is the data that relates to the actual payroll that you are running. At this stage I guess you're trying to set it up for next year. So you're trying to bring in the balance for entitlements.

We'd be happy to quote you for doing the job. What we'd need to know is number of employees to convert, number of payroll type other than standard (so exclude, base hours, overtime, super, leave etc but you'd include any allowances etc). We'd be able to quote you a fixed price.

You can give me a call 0404 665533 or email mike@goldminebookkeeping.com.au

Thanks Mike Deam, Goldmine Bookkeeping Solutions

Mike Deam  

Hi Bradley,

I contacted support and they supplied an excel spreadsheet, loaded up over 100 staff this way. Still have to do Superannuation details manually :-(


Greg Wood  

Hi guys - great you found your way to our Support Team and good to see Mike's offer of help there. For others who come to this thread later, another option before anyone gets too far down the track is considering one of the conversion tools for bringing data into Xero - we're expecting more and more of these to be listed as Add-on partners, the first one listed is Click2Convert. Might be an option depending on the amount and type of data you're needing to convert.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi Catherine,

Not sure that Click2Convert will actually do the payroll for you. Certainly does the GL, Contacts and A/R, A/P. It's generally the contacts that are a complete pain as no one seems to follow a structure. Getting that done on its own is a benefit.

It would be nice for Xero to have a templete somewhere that you could load employee data, either from MYOB, QB or another Xero.

Mike Deam  

Does anyone know if there is a template available for converting US payroll data processed by Intuit payroll service into Xero?

John Siniscal