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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 28 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Lightyear, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Lightyear

Lightyear provides automated line item extraction with 100% accuracy, instant processing and a robust approval workflow for Accounts Payables teams. For more information, check out Lightyear.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Lightyear, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Lightyear support centre or email support@teamlightyear.cloud.

Candice did a great job helping us transition from Invitbox to Lightyear. We're very happy with the new service and the direction Lightyear seems to be heading. Approx 100 McDonald's restaurants are using Lightyear through us to get supplier invoices into Xero. We make sure all our book-keeping clients use it - It's great for speeding up the entry of invoices and supporting separate authorisation. Would definitely recommend you give it a go.

Max Telford  

The move from Invitbox to Lightyear across went really well. The minor hiccups we encountered along the way, were promptly addressed by the support team (Thanks Ash, Brenda and Candice). The best bit is now we have been able to engage our clients to approve via Lightyear and no more lost emails, due to the audit trials they are able to see if required.

Alicia Mellors  

LY contributes significantly in assisting a business to optimise extraction of both operational and accounting efficiencies. Additionally, the LY team is particularly supportive of new clients through the set-up/implementation stage. It is a pretty simple process to move to LY. Highly recommended!

Barry Matteo  

Lightyear is so easy to use. Only a few hundred dollars a month saves tons of energy and time. Everyone loves it, including the auditors. It works seamlessly with XERO. I highly recommend Lightyear.

Robert Yu  

Have just started using Lightyear and must say it is a very user friendly product and easy to navigate.

Jude Low  

Everything my business partner Leigh Davie said - We love Lightyear, can't go a day without it and we are so pleased to be connected back to the awesome Gregg team.

Annie Conza  

Effortless integration with minimal effort required throughout

Jonathan Poots  

Lightyear is a great product and works seamlessly with Xero.

Reeve Ransfield  

Using Invitbox in the past, now with Lightyear, the system has great features to get bills processed efficiently through mapping, approval, exporting workflow. And of course, supportive team at Invitbox / Lightyear are great!

Lisa Yang  

We reviewed a number of accounts payable apps and Lightyear was by far the best. Seamless integration with Xero brings huge time savings and their sign off functionality for managers was unique to Lightyear in the apps we surveyed. Love it!

Joy Mulrey  

Love the Lightyear interface into Xero. Really easy and modern user interface that is easy to navigate. Such a time saver.

Kylie Cram  

This is a great add on. Reduced staff hours drastically and increased AP process efficiency a lot.

Raktive Paul  

We had been using Invitbox for over 5 years and are so excited with all the current developments in Lightyear. This is by far the best AP app. The multi sign off process is simple and secure. Our clients love that employees have access to the Filing cabinet in case of queries. Everything is time stamped & tightly controlled. Not only do we save at least 5 hours of data entry each week, we have complete confidence that there are no duplicate invoices going through and that the invoices flow into xero, already checked & authorised for payment. Ready to be batched & paid on due date. I cannot speak highly enough of the product or the fantastic customer service.

Leigh Davie  

Lightyear is a fantastic product which we use across our hospitality client base as well using internally as a firm.
It has an easy to use interface and not only helps with eliminating data entry but also facilitates better business processes around the accounts payable and invoice approval function.
I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any of my clients.

Dealing with Roger and the team at Lightyear is always a pleasure.

Mitch Stone  

The development pipeline looks amazing and it's exciting times for this product. By far, the most flexible and feature rich application in this space. They really listen and take on customer feedback for continuous feature builds. I think they are killing it and will be dominating their perceived competitors in no time once people understand the key differentiators of this product like segregation of duties, dual approvals, user restricted access, statement recs, inventory and seamless integrations. Looking to develop with POS providers potentially too which could be exciting.

Tamara Cross  

I was a long term Invitbox user and am so glad that the team is back together at Lightyear. I can already see the improvements in just a short space of time. I love how easy it is to use and the time savings and efficiency gains clients get from Lightyear. It also adds control to the AP process through sign offs and price checking. The support is also first class. My clients love and I love it.

Matthew Bell  

We have been using Lightyear and previously Invitbox for a while now and love the product. It's so easy to convert clients to Lightyear and they love the approvals process and that they can find invoices easily. Our hospitality and construction clients especially love it as they have so many invoices and can price check. Very easy to use and the support from Candice is excellent and so helpful.

Lynley Pryde  

The best support in the add-on market place combined with the best accounts payable product, it's been a pleasure to work with this team over the last 5 years and will continue to into the future.

Daniel Hardy  

Congratulations team on developing such a fantastic product to help to help businesses eliminate time consuming and often problematic methods of dealing with invoicing. The systems integration benefits and customer service from the Lightyear team are the cream on the top!

Ant Prior  

Great to have the team back! The customer support and dedication is second to none - pickup the phone and your problem is solved. Great product for multi-site operations but also small businesses. What a relief to have you back!

Sam Musgrave  

I highly recommend this product! Using Invitbox initially, and Lightyear is great!
Sensational features, clear layout and lovely supporting team.


Sandra Lin  

I have been using Invitbox for years and it was amazing, Lightyear is just as good or even better. Amazing business tool for managing invoicing approval & account processing through the seamless integration with Xero. Highly recommended.

James Taylor  

Lightyear is great product, it provides a robust approval process and saves many hours of data entry per week. A great feature is the ability to export line items directly into our POS systems.
Highly recommended!

Tim Crowe  

Great support team. The software works seamlessly with Xero. Finally found a data entry software that I can trust. I highly recommend this service.

Ash Panday  

Using Invitbox in the past, now working with Lightyear there are great features and very helpful staff. It gives our staff a streamlined process to get bills processed efficiently.

Aaron Milne  

Just when we thought Invitbox was the greatest AP tool in our arsenal, along comes Lightyear. We have been blessed to work with such a supportive team at Invitbox/Lightyear - Brenda and Roger in particular.
Particularly love the simple layout and the ease of letting our store managers log in and approve their invoices without needing training in the accounting system.
Superior customer service and communication. Would definitely recommend!

Rebecca Vass  

I've worked with Roger and the team for many years and now that lightyear (formerly invitbox) is independent from Intuit I am so happy to be able to use it again. It's authorisation process, user interface and audit trails is what makes it stand head and shoulders above the competition. Looking forward to also using the new statement reconciliation feature. Brenda and Candice in support are ultra helpful and its good to have a software company that is actually willing to pick up the phone and speak to you!

Dan McGrath  

Great that these guys are back. Their first product (invitbox) was ahead of its time, and Lightyear is even better. We run a number of hospitality and retail companies, and their approvals workflow and line-by-line data extraction is great. So simple to use. Staff love it. So do we.

Baz Little