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Editing Accounts in Bank Rules

Started by Parimal Patel -   in Small Business


I created a bank rule and reconciled more then 20 feeds in sales account.

Today I noticed that I reconciled it in the wrong account. I should have done it in purchase account. If I redo reconcile, I have to reconcile all over again. Can I just change the account in bank rule so it can take in to effect in chart of account automatically by moving the amount from sales to purchase.
Hi Parimal

If you update the bank rule, this will only affect future transactions created/reconciled by the bank rule - it will not change any transactions already posted.

If you want to quickly alter where existing transactions have been posted, the easiest way to do that is by using Find & Recode menu, if you have Advisor access.

Hope that helps

Tom Hawes  

Hi Tom,

The only way I can perform those task is by using Find & recode menu which is located in the adviser menu but in my xero there is no adviser menu.

Parimal Patel  

Hey Parimal - perhaps you could speak to the user that manages the subscription for you, as they should be able to either run the Find & Recode for you, or at least give you the ability to do this (setting your user to Advisor, potentially just briefly, while you make your corrections).

Or, if you have the ability to 'Manage users' on your log in, you could upgrade your own log-in to Advisor status; but you'll probably want to re-set this to Standard after you're done, so simplify your menus and ensure the account Lock Dates work correctly.

Hope that helps

Tom Hawes  

As I created the account of xero for my own business, I can change the user subscription.

I have noticed that it is already set as standard by default. Should I change to adviser in order to perform the action I want. Once done, can I leave it to adviser or change it back to standard. If I have to change it back then why can't I leave it as adviser forever.
I have given my accountant adviser permission. Is it ok. While default mine is standard.

Parimal Patel  

If your accountant is ok with you having advisor status, you can change it and leave it there.

Nancy Wauchope