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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

3 out of 5 stars
Based on 9 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and BuilderTREND, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About BuilderTREND

Cloud based, all inclusive project management solution available online and mobile. Scheduling, Budgeting/PO, Bidding, Change Orders and many more! For more information, check out BuilderTREND.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with BuilderTREND, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the BuilderTREND support centre or this page for information on connecting BuilderTREND to Xero.

love it. Our goal was to reduce our data entry down and this has enabled this. If you're a business owner you will love this as it streamlines timesheets to invoicing and entering expenses to paying bills, even to live budget tracking (hours and materials), to purchase order. For builders it's such a time saver and gives you live, accurate data It's insane and reduced our costs down and automates /streamlines so much. There may be bugs, New version of Xero has sorted a lot of issues. We deal with gst easily (create a cost code in BT called GST). I'm writing this because of the bad reviews. Deal with the bugs, there aren't many. Those that complain haven't set it up properly or commenting on the old xero. It's been upgraded folks, it's awesome

Simone Vivers  

Not impressed. When you create a contact in BuildTrend and have it pull the information into Xero it brings the name only all other relevant information has to be entered again. Once I have the contact set up in Xero I go to create a project in xero for that contact but xero will not recognize that contact. So now I have to remove everything from xero and start over. Then I can go back to BuilderTrend use find contact instead of create contact in xero then link and create an invoice that has the wrong item, no description, wrong tax rate, and a ridiculous 22 character long invoice number that all must be edited/changed before I can approve it. So far this hasn't emilimated or even reduced the double entry. After you finally get it set up and talking with BuilderTrend, you can enter a payment in xero, it will update in BuilderTrend so that's helpful.

Teresa Conway  

I just had a look at the GST issue for a client using Buildertrend and found that if the Xero inventory items that link to Buildertrend were updated to include GST on Expenses then the export from Buildertrend worked correctly. The client is very happy with Buildertrend - their only issue was the GST on their purchses and by adding GST on Expense to the items we seemed to have solved that problem.
Perhaps others using the software could try the same fix

Donna (Dicks) Van Duynhoven  

Doesn't do GST. Unbelievable. Otherwise, seems to be a great app. We wasted a lot of time before discovering that they still have no sensible solution for GST.

Roof Force - Quotes  

Buildertrend seems to have evolved from a customer management software that is trying to become an estimating and order software. Problem is that it clearly hasn't been setup by builders for builders. You cant email tradies purchase orders they can only recive them if the sign up to the app. But this doesnt work for large companies with a number of staff entering purchase orders. The entire setup for budgets and purchase orders is crazy and unworkable at the moment. You cant add GST to purchase orders or progress claims. The intergration with xero is just a basic dollar figure, it doesn't carry across the purchase order numbers or job numbers or cost codes which leads to duplicate invoices and double entry in accounting.

You can setup a price catalog but then you cant create a purchase order from it. You can set up beautiful selections catalog but that doesn't link to the main price catalog or the ordering system. It takes hours to create a budget and purchase orders, but there is no link between the two.

We have been hoping they would rectify this over time but i see comments going back several years of people asking for this basic functionality to be improved which it has not been. This could be overcome with other software in addition to Buildertrend, but for most small to mid size companies with the US dollar you will be spending $10,000 a year on this software and for that price it should be excellent, which it is not.

There are a lot of other weird process the software uses, my only explanation is that it has not been developed by builders who understand what is required. In the early days it was as good as could be expected but the pricing and lack of professional development is leaving it well behind the race.

Brennan Brook  

You need to add items that are in your chart of accounts into inventory to have them transfer over to xero correctly from Buildertrend POs. Our issue is the GST. Buildertrend does not account for it. I'm looking for a workaround for that.

Rebekah Everett  

We are a process/system consulting company and spend a lot of our time helping building companies to set up Buildertrend and integrate to Xero. I highly recommend the software - by far the best product out there in the residential construction market. www.luckman.co.nz

Vaughan Luckman  

@Mark Butterfield, I would be keen to see your infographic on Buildertrend and Xero if you are still keen to share? I am about to take on a client who is using Buildertrend and they want me to integrate it with Xero. I am very familiar with Xero but Buildertrend is new to me so any info you have would be a great help.

Kate Heaney  

1) When POs are billed from buildertrend to Xero, attached files (attachments) with POs should also be transferred automatically to Xero
2) When POs are billed from buildertrend to Xero, number of units / quantity is transferred as 1 with total price of that particular item each time. For example ( if there 3 pens costing $ 4 each with total $ 12, when PO is billed in Xero from buildertrend it reflects in Xero as Units = 1, Price= 12 )

Any solution and idea to resolve this issue. I will be pretty good if files are too transffered with billed PO from buildertrend to Xero automatically. Everytime we have to download files from buildertrend and upload it in Xero with that PO.

Adnan Muzaffar  

So far I'm not impressed with the integration. I like that an bill is raised in Xero when a payment is entered in Buildertrend on the purchase order (PO) and is not raised on the PO itself. But that's about it. What I don't like is the following:

1. Item descriptions are not recognised. When info is sent from Buildertrend to Xero, the item description on the bill is replaced with a combination of the PO number and PO title. Every item on the PO has the same description. Why send this combination of info? The linked item number and cost code in Xero and Buildertrend respectively both have item descriptions, but Buildertrend ignores whatever info is put in the description against the relevant cost code in its program, to send what is basically useless information as a description.

2. Buildertrend fills the reference box in the Xero bill with a combination of the Project prefix, PO number, and date and time the info was sent from Buildertrend to Xero, an unintelligible combination if you don't know what you're looking at. Pre-integration, I put the supplier invoice number in the Xero reference box, and then again in the title of the relevant payment in Buildertrend. Then I could search in both programs using the supplier invoice number to find the relevant info. Post-integration I clean up the reference box in Xero and put in the invoice number, but it frustrates me that I still have to do this data entry. When integration was considered by the two companies, it seems that a common reference was not considered. Maybe Xero could have a purchase order box on the bill, or Buildertrend use just the payment title on the generated payment to populate Xero's reference box, as the payment title could be changed to the supplier invoice number prior to sending the payment over to Xero.

Right now it seems that the integration consists of Buildertrend shouting at Xero, spewing gibberish all over the bill while Xero just sits and takes it. I have more issues, but right now this review is more of a vent, as I'm currently in the middle of sending payments from Buildertrend to Xero and I'm annoyed. I will probably do another review when I have the time as I have more to add.

Also, if anyone is interested I have a graphic showing what info goes where between Buildertrend and Xero for both Bills and POs, so you can see if the integration will work for you.


Mark Butterfield  

I just started with this software. Fact: they say you get a branded app on your/customer/sub phones. You don't. You get the buildertrend app (branded buildertrend) and a webpage buildertrend will make with your logo on it. From buildertrend app: go to settings and add this webpage as an icon on your phone (now you have the webpage icon & buildertrend icon. The webpage icon is simply a hyperlink to your buildertrend app.
You could: hide the buildertrend app on your phone, in a folder/etc. Then only click the icon with your logo. Then, as a work around only, it would show your buildertrend app and account.
You cannot delete the buildertrend app since your branded icon is simply opening the buildertrend app.
Customers and subs will likely not go through this hassle, therefore you wont have a branded app for them.
Huge work around to say it does what they advertise, but it is not a branded app as they advertise. Misrepresentation to say the least. I hope the rest of the software is impressive and this is not the start of a long disappointing road.
Pro: customer service is in USA and seems good, they give you an account rep that will train you.
To be continued...

Brad Davenport  

Does this application do job costing?

Benjamin Dangel  

Try this app out it is an amazing project management tool!

Alex Skobel