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AU Report Templates: Font Formatting options

Started by John Carson in Feature Requests | Idea

I generally find the default schedules in the Notes section of the Report Packs unsatisfactory. They do silly things like insist on reporting fair value measures of assets in spite of the fact that none of the assets are measured at fair values. They also choose which accounts to report in which schedule in ways that I find incomprehensible.

Happily, Xero allows you to "roll your own" schedules. Unhappily, the formatting of these schedules leaves something to be desired.

When editing a report pack in My Xero, there is no option to control the font size of the heading for the text that defines a note item. Likewise, when editing a schedule within the subscription for an entity, there is no option to control the font size of the name of the schedule.

In the final report, the name of a schedule will be a sub-heading below the heading of a note item. The schedule name should therefore be in the same or a smaller size font than the note item heading. In practice, however, the schedule name is in a much bigger font than the item heading. This looks ridiculous and sends the reader misleading visual cues. Currently, there is apparently no way to change this.

The font size for the names of user-defined schedules doesn't match the font size of the names of pre-defined schedules, which makes the notes look even more ridiculous if both types of schedules are used.

Accordingly, I suggest either choosing a more sensible font size for the name of user-defined schedules, or giving the user control over the font chosen.
Thanks for your feedback John. I can confirm that we're currently rewriting AU Report Packs which'll be known as Report Templates. While you won't be able to customise the font and size in Schedules, you'll have a heap more flexibility with these. We'll have AU Report Templates to you by the end of the AU financial year. In the meantime, on Monday the ability to add a schedule will be available on all individual new reports at client level, so you can have a play with these if you like!

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)

Hi Matt. The new Report Templates sound good. As for the fonts, it is not important that they be customisable. It is important that the fonts be sensible. At the moment they are ridiculous.

John Carson

I have to agree with John on this. We are having the same issues at out practice with the fonts and sizes just not working for us. As well as the schedules and text blocks.

Louise de Beer

Agreed - we are just in the process of changing to Xero and the first question a client asked when they saw the annual accounts was "how am I supposed to read that?" font size is way to small to be easily readable.

Jenny Stirling

We agree. This needs to be updated and improved as soon as possible

Cate Crichton

Printed reports is the issue for font size............font is too small for the "senior clients"...........so using the laptop with zoom is the best option.

Donnie (Reports) Buchanan