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AU Payroll: Export all employee information

Started by renee minchin -   in AU Payroll

Hi Guy,

I am waiting to export ALL employee payroll information. Including superannuation banking details, payroll banking details, leave accruals etc.

We are transferring employment contracts to another xero registered company. I can only seem to locate individual files for leave etc. But nothing with banking details. It would be amazing if I could somehow extract a file at closing March 30 and import it into the new company 1 April and not have to re-enter and cross match reports into a different format for the reimport.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Renee - At this stage its not possible to export all employee information from one Xero organisation, then import it into another.
Its something we’ll possibly offer in future, but for now it will mean some manual work to get these employees set up in the new organisation.
Updated 22/02/19 - There is a spreadsheet that you can complete and upload some basic payroll information into the new organisation for multiple employees. If you’d like more info on this, check out the Xero Central article here.
Also, feel free to add a Feature Request for this over here, so others can vote for it too.

Quenby S (Community Manager)  

Has there been any progress on this? We have a large payroll file & would like to be able to double check that leave is accruing correctly and TFN's are recorded correctly etc? Ideally it would be great to export every payroll field into an excel spreadsheet.

Amanda Hingston  

Is it still not possible to export employees master data? i want to check bank accounts against supplier accounts and bank payments?

Elizabeth Stuart  

Merged: AU Payroll - Export Employee Payroll details

I would like to transfer the payroll details of employees picking up all their details so that they can be utilised by a new owner of the business.

Can anyone suggest how I can do this?

Many thanks.


David Knight  

Hey Team - No movement here, but we'll keep you updated on this thread.

Quenby S (Community Manager)  

Any changes yet? Ideally, I would like to export all employee data from one xero organisation to another. I also would like to export all the pay rates from one xero account to another - is that possible?



Sean McNerney  

Merged: AU Payroll - Copying employee details

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to copy an employees details from one Xero entity to another. I have a client who is splitting up his payroll/accounting from 1 July 2016 to various entities and rather than creating each employee from scratch I'd like to know if basic information can be copied and then I only need to update opening balances, leave entitlements, etc. Any help/advice would be most appreciated. Thanks

Megan Kassel  

Hello, We do need to export all employee data from one XERO to another XERO. please help.


Christopher Thang Trieu Du  


Just wanting to know if this feature has been updated in Xero as I have a client that has purchased a business which has an exsisting Xero file. I need to transfer all employees to a new Xero file.


Gwyneth Lane  

Agree this should be a standard feature / simple process. In fact i have transferred four sites on to the Xero payroll system, and the payroll part of its software needs some serious investment before you could call it anything but bog basic....

Robert King  

Just adding my name to those that think this should be implemented as soon as possible.

Luke Martin  

HI Xero,
with multiple different business sites and employees often moving between them ( and as a result , between different Xero entities), we are regularly performing this function manually....

I just do not know why this is so difficult when you have the reverse feature already operating.... i.e loading data from your spreadsheet into Xero, why not exporting to the same ????

Robert King  

I also need to extract all employee details as result of the changes to the backpackers tax. According to Xero's explanation I need to terminate each backpacker employee in Xero and create a new employee file for each one with start date 1 Jan 2017. This is creating a huge amount of double work of data that is already entered in Xero. Help would be appreciated!

Iris Sturbaut  

C'mon Xero... a reasonable explanation? When you can load via spreadsheet...... why not export via spreadsheet ?

Robert King  

As per Iris' post above surely there is a more simple approach Xero?

Luke Martin  

Adding my vote to this feature being implemented very soon. Need it now.

Roger Boot  

Also adding my vote to this feature being implemented asap. As I also need it now.

Raj Mudely  

I too would like to add my vote for this feature. This is something that happens reasonably regularly and very time consuming when you have to do it manually for multiple employees.

Theresa O'Connor  

Adding my vote to this request.

Michelle Hannemann  

Without a response to any subscribers question or votes for almost 12 months, I think we can assume that the Xero Community site is simply a modern day feel good exercise in online participation.... Does anyone from Xero even read this? Hello Xero? Anyone home? Update? How about some manners?

Robert King  

+1 for this request

Will Kiesanowski  

another +1 from my side as well. Need it now please.

Shoaib Irshad  

its more likely a caramel tea cake will fly through your office window, than a Xero forum achieving a result.

I wonder how long it would take to get a response if we started a forum about superior accounting and payroll systems?

Robert King  

Sorry we haven't provided an update here, there's been no changes so nothing to update you with! I'll raise again with the team. Rest assured we read every comment, however, Community isn't an immediate support channel so we can't always answer right away. Will get back to you when I hear from the product team on their plans. Cheers.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hey just looping back, the product team have added to their backlog! This isn't likely to be worked on for a while though as their schedule is pretty full up right now. We'll come back to update you next year (2018) on if we're able to add to plans.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

We have a number of clients in the hospitality industry. We would dearly like the function to copy pay items from 1 file and copy them to another when a new client comes on board. Another function would be to have an import and export function for payroll so that new employee records can be set up in a CSV file and upload into payroll; similar to how contacts can be imported into Xero.

Annette Pulbrook  

I think this can be done on MYOB. For such a simple function, why cant Xero just create an export table so we can import it into another Xero company? Or allow direct transfer opting on which parts you wish to import, like bank account details, entitlements and so on. Its such a shame as I have 53 staff and growing, and I need to move them over to a new company.

Richard Malfitana  

Beautiful accounting software :)

Jason Hart  

Also want this!

We only have 20 employees and I find it incredibly frustrating and time consuming that this
isn't possible. I feel sorry for those in businesses with much higher staff numbers.

I'm genuinely shocked it's not possible for auditing reasons, let alone day-to-day business requirements.

Another failure on Xero's behalf requiring significant manual effort and time to work around.

Jess Tamburro  

I would really like this too. it is frustrating enough to have to manually enter all staff and then copy / paste all staff bank account details into xero but even worse that I can't export them at all to be able to check they have the right account details. C'mon! I'm becoming increasingly sorry I've opted for this software. :-(


William O'Connell  

Adding my voice to this, one of my clients has about 170 employees and manually adding their details is going to be a nightmare.

Bek Caesar  

Cant we put this to a vote?

I would consider this is one the the most basic features..


Hi Xero,
last response was April 2017...... is this now on the schedule? date?


Robert King  

I desperately need this feature too. AGAIN Xero is leaving it to the "We are busy" line they have been using on all customer requests such as Timesheet Details linking to Super/Leave with tracking categories, expanded # of digits in amounts to at least 10 decimal places AND INDIVIDUAL PAYSLIP MESSAGES which customers have been crying out for since 2014. Maybe Xero should employ more staff to ensure their supposedly valued customers get what they are asking and paying for- WAKE UP XERO.

Linda Christiansen  

Anyone interested in starting an external forum about superior accounting and payroll systems?


Robert King  

Quick question - when you transferred staff from one Xero company to another how did you do it? Did they have to 'leave' one company and join another? Or is there another way to do it?


noa bladon  


Unless something’s changed you need to add them manually into seperate entities. They can be part of both companies.

Sean McNerney  

They need to leave the first company as they will only be employees of the second company going forward. Thanks

noa bladon  

Any progress on this?? I need to move records Xero to Xero and seems mad that this isn't possible??

Zahra Glibbery  

We are going to provide a solution for this functionality requested for some partners who have this issue.
To get payroll data out: the best way is to pull it out by the API and get it out as xml.
To load it back into a new organization the cleanest way is by API as well but we would also provide the data in a csv format. Contact Jet Convert if you want to discuss further.

Jet Convert  

Adding my vote to this request.

Emily Luo  

No surprise that this has been an on the 'to do list' with so many other basic functions for years now! Perhaps Xero needs to spend a buck and employee some more developers to get through the backlog.
I guess this is why there is always a market for accounting programs that do basic tasks like exporting employee lists.

Garry Reid  

i want import time sheet details into xero using xero payroll api using c#. any startup project there?

Saravanan Rajamanickam  

You can download and then upload all payroll data except for job title,TFN, HELP/SFSS debt & emergency contact details. You need to ask Xero Support to do the upload though. You cannot do upload by yourself.

Emily Luo  

I can not use AU payroll API POST method from c#."/payroll.xro/1.0/Employees".
Now i can not use API previewer for Payroll.

Advice me

munies waran  

Munies, API and developer questions are best posted in our Developer Community. You're more likely to find the answers you're looking for there, so please fee free to post this again.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Okay fine. But no reply from over there. Kelly

Saravanan Rajamanickam  

Saravanan, these sort of API questions are a little out of our realm here in the Business Community. There maybe another person here in the forums who can help. Another option would be to come into the team at Support where we can get you in touch with someone with the skill set to help with your questions.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi Kelly, Are you actually listening to your customers?? The excuse Xero has been using for 4 years now saying they are BUSY with STP is now obsolete. Like other VERY URGNET issues - Timesheet Details linking to Super/Leave with tracking categories, expanded # of digits in amounts to at least 10 decimal places AND INDIVIDUAL PAYSLIP MESSAGES + Exporting all employee data Xero to Xero - Xero needs to fix all issues ASAP or they will lose customers. I had another bookkeeper ask me about my issues with Xero in deciding to change from MYOB with 3 organisations - I was completely honest with her......

Linda Christiansen  

Hi Linda, not trying to make up any excuses here, but do want to at least let you all know where the team's focus currently lies. STP is rolling out over the next few months, the team's work isn't done though as they ensure businesses are prepped and ready to go. Along with this work there's also been changes made to ETP through Xero - A big request that's also been raised here in the community.
The most recent posts here, don't appear to relate to the request at hand, which is why I've suggested the most appropriate place to get help with this sort of query.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi team, I wanted to swoop in with a little update, just as our first response from 2015 is a little out of date now - The spreadsheet to import employee information to Xero, mentioned in Quenby's reply is no longer an option here. Instead, you actually have the ability to do this yourself, so no waiting for our help! - Check out more detail on how to do this in our Xero Central article :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)