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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payments

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 21 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and uCollect, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About uCollect

Automate your invoice collection with Direct Debits, eCheck and Credit Card Charges. Use Stripe, SEPA, EziDebit, ABA file, NZ banks and more.. For more information, check out uCollect.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with uCollect, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, email the uCollect support centre or visit this page for information on connecting uCollect to Xero.

Great product, seamless integration and the support is efficient.

Bridget Piper  

Excellent product, great integration with Xero. With a couple of clicks I can do what used to take ages.

Candy Gillespie Chartered Accountants  

Hi. I'm the owner of the uCollect app. Sorry for a non-review here. I feel the need to respond to Oskar's one-star review (Xero doesn't give us the ability to respond inline so I have to add a review) below.

Oskar was the client of one of our clients. He contacted us asking questions about his account. We can't answer those questions so we referred him back to the merchant he already had a relationship with. But he kept coming back to us. We therefore sent a message to the merchant asking them to contact him directly. We never involved any third party nor shared personal information with any party other than the merchant he already had a relationship with (information they already had).

And to Ross's question below - he contacted us outside our support hours (and only waited a few minutes before posting here). He did receive a response as soon as we reopened and we addressed his issue immediately.

Peter McCarroll  

Hi There,
Anyone know how to amend or delete a generated batch in uCollect? Tried contacting them but no reply which is frustrating.

Ross Di Stefano  

Simple to use, and removed a time consuming, manual process from our business.

Hamish Mexted  

Completely unprofessional. No information about payment authorizations opt-out for clients. When we contacted the company about it customer support representative (Peter) started including 3rd parties into the conversation without any consent. When I have asked him not to include any 3rd parties in a private conversation he did it again. It is scary to see such unprofessional companies dealing with sensitive data of their clients.

Oskar Pecyna  

Great platform, easy to use, very easy to suspend invoices or customers. Setting up a DD dummy bank account makes reconciliation a breeze in XERO. Support is great - Peter was extremely helpful in setting up our platform on ucollect - as an established high volume DD user, changing our system with no errors was critical and had to run smoothly. Peter worked closely with our Gateway to incorporate them into the platform . Highly recommend ucollect - this service has saved hours of frustration trying to reconcile DD's from our old systems.

Tanya Warnford-Davis  

I've started a digital agency where I charge monthly for verisous services. After onboarding clients, I could tell that it was going to be an accounting nightmare. Xero is nice and easy to create a repeating invoice and have card payment option, but I wanted an automatic payment to come out that would actually talk to xero.

So you can easily make an automatic payment come out of Stripe or PayPal and so on, but Ucollect is great because it will work off the repeating invoice ad let xero know. So instead of trying to match up what money belongs to what invoice, ucollect completely solves that. And allows authorization so you get paid on time automatically.

Setting up was easy but I had a few questions.Their support was amazing!

Excellent service. I searched hi and low for the ability to send clients an invite to have automated payments from multiple gateways. Ucollect does it all perfectly. When I have 100 clients a month coming in, ucollect would have saved my life and automated painful bookkeeping.

Carradean Farley  

uCollect is not only easy to use, but takes any thought process out of payment collections. Once a client is entered, the rest is done for us.

James Ramsay  

uCollect has literally enabled our SaaS business. We are now able to fully automatically and without any human intervention have repeating invoices generated in Xero and sent out and following a one-time setup by the customer, payment are processed on due date. Done. Perfect.

Mark Presnell  

uCollect is a scrappy little payment collection solution. I use the ACH option with Forte as their backend. The fees are reasonable for an ACH provider and it integrates well with Xero. One feature I love (and recommend) is the 'suspend' feature. I 'suspend' all my customers for manual processing. This gives me more control if there is ever a timing issue with invoices and/or discrepancies between our firm and a client. The extra time to manually process (literally hitting a few buttons) is worth it to me to not upset a customer by sweeping their funds immediately with the issuance of the invoice.

David Tunstall  

I love this platform. My favorite thing about this is the auto charge function. Just set it and forgot it. The intregration with Xero is very clean and handles everything we need. It saves us countless of hours every month. There is no better autobilling platform on the marketplace.

Mark Valderrama  

Using UCollect has been one of the best decisions we have made as a company. It saves hours of time not having to match invoices with payments. It is very helpful to be able to send customers a link to put in their own information to help them feel more secure.

Customer service is stellar and prompt. Further, they put up with my sometimes endless questions while we were getting set up. It is an easy system - I was the clueless one.

Thanks UCollect. Wish I could give you more stars.

Diane Rossi  

Excellent system so simple to use and support is fantastic.

Hayley Nieper  

uCollect is an AMAZINGLY useful Xero Add-On. It basically gets your invoices paid for you. No more sending your invoices into the abyss hoping that someone goes through the actions necessary to pay you. No more do you have to remind people to pay you either.

Just set up uCollect with your payment processor and it will generate a csv file you can upload to your payment processor to charge hundreds of credit cards or bank accounts at once OR connect to one of the supported payment processors to have invoice amounts directly charged to your client's credit card or bank account.

Setting up the system requires a little learning and tweaking and some support but uCollect's support is incredibly prompt and helpful. Thank you PETER!!! Once the system is set up all you will have to deal with are the one or two credit cards that are declined for whatever reason each billing cycle. That is monumentally better than having to wait for payment on hundreds of invoices.

For Americans that work in the evening you will find having a company in a New Zealand time zone super convenient!

Mark Batho  

Just started using uCollect last month. Peter one of their support people has been very helpful in assisting us on the best way to reconcile payments into Xero.

Jesse Archer  

Review uCollect: Collect money with Direct Debits

uCollect is a Xero AddOn in the payment services category. Actually it’s really a hybrid between payment services, and cashflow/debtor management. uCollect works on the premise of getting clients to pay by setting up automated direct debits. It creates a seamless interaction between you and the customer.

Please read the full review at www.whichaddon.com

Marlon Wambeek  

uCollect is by far the easiest way to automate direct debit style payments from your Xero accounts. We stumbled onto uCollect when we started looking for a way to automate the creation of our monthly ABA file and to automate our monthly credit card debits.

We settled on Stripe for card payments and whilst the costs to use Stripe might seem high, they are far below what we were paying for a merchant account and merchant facilities with our bank - facilities that aren't even compatible with any kind of automation.

uCollect diligently goes about its business and automatically charges due invoices via Stripe for customers who have card direct debit with us. For declined transactions, uCollect continues to try to process the payment once a day until paid.

uCollect also generates an ABA file for us that can be loaded straight into our banks interface for bank direct debit processing. This process in itself used to take us at least 2-3 days each month to work out how much we had to charge each customer. It now takes 5 minutes. Cleverly, it uses the bank account information stored back in Xero that is (or was!) intended for batch paying bills.

Not only does uCollect speed up the way we process payments, it also reduces mistakes and missed invoices. We now no longer need to deal with the embarrassment of over charging a customer or not charging them at all (then trying to charge them double the following month).

Overall, its a great product. To be totally honest it did have a few hiccups early on, but these have all been ironed out. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, as it proved that the support is top notch - email uCollect with a problem and they always respond and help as much as possible.

Lee Taylor  

I've only been using uCollect since April and already it has saved me hours (possibly days) of having to manually create and process direct debits through online banking. Not only does it make creating the direct debits a breeze with its simple interface, but it also reminds me when they're due so I don't have to continuously have it at the front of my mind. On top of all that, the automated process also removes a lot of room for human error. Finally, customer support for uCollect is phenomenal, with replies that are always quick and useful.

An incredibly useful add-on that saves you a lot of time.


Regan Boyce  

uCollect is fantastic! We struggled with other credit card processing companies but when we stumbled upon uCollect everything became so much simpler! Tech support is superb.. they ALWAYS get back to me immediately and I love their chat feature :) I can't say enough about uCollect. In concert with Xero and Stripe our bookkeeping has really been streamlined. Mahalo uCollect!!

James Quine  

uCollect has solved a specific issue we have. The laborious task of manually taking payments from clients on file when their invoices in Xero have been raised. Whilst Stripe has it's own recurring subscription functionality it's limited to pre-defined plans and additional queued items require use of their API or 3rd party billing platform.

With uCollect we can have recurring invoices in Xero alongside manually raised one off invoices for adhoc work and uCollect will take payment from cards via Stripe (or other gateways).

Finally their 'Pay Now' functionality should (we haven't yet implemented it) replace the standard Xero/Stripe feature and give us the option for clients to save their cards on file for future payments opposed to single one off payments.

Highly recommend.

Xero - you should acquire them!

Brenden Rawson  

uCollect is unbelievable simply to use, support and assistance is 10 stars, uCollect has saved us over 8 hours of manual credit card processing and its integration into xero has made further time savings of over 2 hours reconciliation. That's more than a full day of people power savings a month so far, not to mention the human errors have all but vanished due to uCollect.
Thank you so very much uCollect, we can ll get on and do some real work now :-)

Wanna Accounts