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Payment Services - Worldpay integration to pay invoices

Started by Martin Smith in Feature Requests | Done!

We'd be keen to see Worldpay integration so that customers can pay an invoice via our Worldpay account with a single click.
Official Xero Reply
Hi all

Just wanted to let you know that a simple Worldpay integration with Xero is now live and available to set up under Settings > Payment Services.

With this integration you can now accept online payments via Worldpay and have your invoices automatically marked as paid. If you have multiple currencies you'll need to add these as separate integrations.

Let the team know if you have any questions, or need help setting this up.

CTO @ Xero

Craig Walker (Xero Staff)

Best Reply as chosen by Brittany H (Community Manager)
Hi All,

We have created a software tool which can be used to take payment for Xero invoices via WorldPay. The software presents a card payment page, processes the payment for you using your WorldPay account, then updates the relevant Xero invoice as paid if the payment is confirmed.

You can register for a free trial of the system at www.payaway.io and if you have any questions you can let us know by mailing us on info@payaway.io

We plan to evolve payaway into a fully-fledged SME AI payment system which splits payment processing so that a seller can register with multiple gateways and the system will use whichever is cheapest for each type of payment being used by your customer.

For example if a user had a Stripe, WorldPay and SagePay account and Stripe is best for Amex, WorldPay for Visa Debit and SagePay for MasterCard / Visa Credit, a payaway user would then be able to use them all to always process payments with the lowest cost provider ... automatically!

We plan to add functionality which allows sellers to pass on the transaction fees to the buyer if they want to, so you could offer PayPal payments for example, but explain at payment that PayPal carries a 2% additional charge. You could incentivise payment by direct debit and debit card by making them free and charge a 2.5% fee for paying by credit cards.

As an SME ourselves we saw that the Xero community has been asking for the ability to link WorldPay to Xero for years, and thought many would appreciate being able to do it via payaway from today as opposed for waiting yet more time for it to be available.

We look forward to hearing any feedback you have about the site as well as hearing about any other features or functionality you think would be useful to you.

Warm regards,


Sid Rajeswaran