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Connecting Magento to Xero

Started by Tina Kaye -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Hi there, I know there are a few ways of integrating Xero and Magento - can anyone share their experience about which way has worked best for them? I believe there is a Fooman connector and also One-saas. Any preferences? Any problems with either of these solutions? or do you know of other solutions? I appreciate your comments!
Hi Tina,
What industry is this business in?
What fields are you looking to sync across ?
Does the client have in house development resources proficient in magento?

Depending on the use case, there are many different answers. can you provide more information?

If you need some great magento devs. Our next door neighbours are pretty darn good. Uber.biz


Guy Pearson  

I would love to hear from past Xero customers and professional partners/integrators experience between Onesaas, Carrytheone, and Fooman Limited to determine the best solution for Magento integration, or in comparison of Magento with Saasu or Magento with OpenERP?

Mark Felling  

I too really wish the add-on page at Xero allows customer reviews/ratings. Would help us better understand their respective strengths/weaknesses according to others and might save us many hours of time trying to evaluate every option for ourselves

Max Hodges  

I just looked into OneSaas. Their functionality was incredibly poor. Took three attempts to register and then crashed when I tried to connect to Xero. Their Terms and Conditions page does not load either. I confirm that it's not the local net connection. Other sites, and indeed Xero itself, worked throughout the process. If One Saas can't on board users then how can one trust their ability to keep financial information safe?

David Williams  

Hi there! I'm using Fooman Connect to export orders from Magento to Xero and I эму had a couple of issues with this extension. Please can someone help to investigate? This is what happened with some of my items immediately after export from Magento to Xero.

"Item 8718104161092 changed from tracked to untracked. Item name changed from Hot Lips "Rose Violet" to empty. Sales Description changed from Hot Lips "Rose Violet" to Hot Lips Rose Violet. Purchases Description changed from Hot Lips "Rose Violet" to empty. Tax rate for sales changed from 20% (VAT on Income) to No VAT. Tax rate for purchases changed from EC Acquisitions (20%) to No VAT. Cost of Goods Sold Account changed from Cost of Good Sold to empty. Inventory Asset Account changed from Tracked Inventory to empty."

The problems is that I cannot undo this and I need to duplicate a product within Xero to properly account a transaction from Magento. How can I fix this? Please help.