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Statements: Supplier Activity Statement

Started by Fiona Masuku in Feature Requests | Idea

We would like to view Activity Statements for bills the same way we have view them for customers.
Official Xero Reply
Thanks for your continued insights on this, everyone. It's clear to see you're really passionate about this idea, however please do remember your peers in the conversation here and stay on topic.

As you're aware, right now there isn't a supplier statement function in Xero. Reading your thoughts here, we understand that you'd find this feature useful but to set some expectations, this isn't on the development radar currently (October 2021).

I appreciate this update will be disappointing to hear for some, especially for those that've been following this thread for awhile. To be open however, the date an idea was first started doesn’t reflect if, or when it’ll be developed - there's a lot more factors that weigh into this decision.

Right now we're working on some big things 'under the hood'. We're strengthening the foundation of our software, so that we can continue to support our users, and build out new features that weren't previously possible in future. You can read more on this here.

For now, there's a couple report options that could be made use of, and exported from Xero to share externally:
- Contact transactions - Payables report, which shows you all payable transactions and their payments (bills, credit notes, overpayments and prepayments) from a particular supplier over a given period - It's worth noting that we made a recent enhancement, so the drill down will now be available even if all transactions for the period have been paid. This report shows similar information as an “activity type” statement.
- Payable Invoice summary or detail reports - to view a summary or line-by-line details of bills, credit notes, overpayments and prepayments in a given period. This report can be filtered by contact, source and other fields to only show the transactions you'd like. Filter by Balance can be used as a way to only show transactions with a non-zero balance, in order to show similar information to an “outstanding type” statement.

We'll continue to keep you updated if there's changes in this space. 🙂

Emily H (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Kelly M (Community Manager)
Here is a quick way to simulate a supplier/creditor activity report:
1. From the Account Transactions report, generate a report for the month for the Accounts Payable account and export it to Excel.
2. In Excel delete rows 6 and 8 (these are blank and will prevent the filter from working)
3. Switch on the auto filter.
4. Now search the filter for column C for your contact - accepting "Payment: contact" as well.

You now have a report showing all the activity in the creditor account for the month. If you get the total due to that supplier (from your Aged Payables report for the previous month) the total of these should now agree to the Xero supplier balance (from your Aged Payables report for the current month).

Watch a screencast of this.

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