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Accept credit card payments in the US using Authorize.net

Started by Oren Yehezkely -   in Feature Requests | Started


Is there a reason that you are offering only PayPal integration? Did they get any exclusivity?
I agree that it is a good option especially when you deal with many countries and different currencies.
However, for the US market, I am sure that many customers would like to use Authorize.net.

Another point is that I would prefer to charge the customer's credit card directly, instead of asking them to login and pay. If I can do it from withing Xero, it should reconcile the account automatically.

No exclusivity - it's just the online option we went with at the time that was popular in all markets. As we've heard requests for different options we're moving forward - it won't be just PayPal for too much longer - thanks for your patience!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Thanks Catherine,

Any estimation for an ETA?
What about my other request - to be able to charge customers inside Xero so that both payment and reconciliation are done at once?


Oren Yehezkely  

Just to update: today we released more payment gateway options - Stripe, Payment Express (DPS) and GoCardless (eWay coming very soon). Appreciate there are some who're still keen for authorize.net - we've got a long way with development work on this but running into issues getting something stable. Please keep voting and commenting to let us know that you'd still prefer authorize.net over the other new payment gateways that have come online.


P.S. Gulli, there will always be a reconciliation step to match up the payment when it hits your bank account and the invoice in Xero. We're not planning on becoming a payment service ourselves at this stage.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi Catherine,

What about SecurePay? Any thoughts on integrating with this service?


Redfox Media Accounts  

@Alanah - no thoughts at this stage but as you can imagine we have a long list of potential gateways. It would be great if you could raise SecurePay as a separate feature request thread so we can get some votes on it to see the demand. Thanks!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

I was really excited to see the new release today with new the payment options. However, after reading everything I was disappointed to not see Authorize.net as an option. It is by far the most commonly used payment gateway in the US.

Nicholas Andre  

Yes, please to Authorize.net! I was really surprised it wasn't on the list. I do have PayPal, but have never heard of the other services you just added. Authorize.net is huge in the US, and I pay SO much less in fees to use it than to use PayPal. I LOVE the ability to send a payment link to my clients, and the addition of Authorize.net would take Xero off the charts. :)

Melissa Dinwiddie  

Another vote here for Authorize.net - it's super-common in the US. Would definitely be great to be able to add that to Xero!

Joshua Zerkel  

Yes, for authorize.net. Would be really great.

Peter Fenner  


I was very disappointed to read that there is no Authorize.net support in this release. I was told it is immanent and expected it to be in this release.

It is quite surprising to hear that you are having technical problems integrating with Authorize.net. From my own experience the integration is quite easy, even for a programmer with not a lot of experience.

I think that the US market may not be very important for you at this point. there are many small indications that you do not have your attention to this market at this time. this is probably the reason that Authorize.net is not higher in your priority.

Oren Yehezkely  

Please add us to the list of companies waiting for Authorize.net. While we currently rely on Worketc to process CC and paypal payments it adds another step for reconciling that I think could be eliminated if payments are processed in Xero.

We wouldn't switch until the capability for Authorize.net is available.

Heather Young  

Authorize.net is simply a must to have integrated!! I will still use Freshbooks for my Billing and my clients until this is available.

Jay Kimelman  

It seems like Xero purposefully ignores the needs of the US market :(

If Authorize.net is added as a payment gateway for Xero, many of our company's clients would be more inclined to switch the xero.

David Seitz  

I agree...Authorize.NET is the Internet's largest payment gateway. Please add them!

P.S. I had no idea FreshBooks supports Authorize.net. That is good to know.

SendSafely Billing  

I had everything lined up thinking that authorize.net was going to be in the last release. Serves me for believing rumors. The official word is that there is still a long way to go with authorize.net

Any idea if a long way to go means weeks, months or years?

Daniel Helsten  

This does not even take weeks. Obviously they are busy with many other things and don't have this as a priority right now.

Oren Yehezkely  

Please add autorize.net. We use it and Paypal.

Sara Young  

It looks like authorize.net isn't on the roadmap anymore.... :(

Daniel Helsten  

Maybe they finished it and forgot to let us know.

Oren Yehezkely  

Hello. We understand authorize.net is important for the US market and the US market is very important to us. This hasn't dropped off the radar but as I said above, we're not going to release something that doesn't work. We're also constantly evaluating other options too. Thanks for your patience - I have made sure the dev team on this know how important it is to you.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

+1 Vote for authorize.net

Barrett Young  

+1 Vote.

Authorize.net has the payment details & invoice details needed to reconcile payments in this flow: Our-App > Authorize.net > Chase Paymenttech > Chase Bank

There is no manual work around either. The authorize.net option for "QuickBooks Download" in comes out in .iif format with no option for CSV so we have to reconcile payments manually right now. Its pretty lame.

Anthony Vierra  

I just added my vote to the integration of Authorize.NET.

Amitaf DaSilva  

Definitely need/want Authorize.net integration

Ismael Osuna  

I would also +vote a Chase Paymenttech integration

Anthony Vierra  

Did you guys know that Freshbooks support authorize.net?

Matthew Bonwill  

Are you referring to Xero or us users as you guys? Of course we know that, I am tring to get my company and my clients off Freshbooks and on Xero without the need for further integration.

Jay Kimelman  

I signed up for Authorize.net (cybersource) under the impression that this was coming soon. As a silver partner, this would greatly improve our processes with this feature.

Sabrina Covington  

Authorize.net's largest gateway in the US. You keep saying reliability is high enough, yet millions depend on their security. Almost every other app integrates with authorize.net. Why have they all been able to figure it out? You guys seem smarter than these excuses? Or if there truly are reliability issues, please do not assume we are idiots. Share with us the technical details and we can put pressure on authorize.net to fix the issue

Mark Felling  

I wished I could dedicate more than one vote to this. I use to use Paypal to invoice until I saw the massive chunks of money they took from the payments. Im quite surprised Authorize.net isn't supported yet. Like everyone is saying, tons of other systems support it, Freshbooks, Harvest, and they are much younger companies I presume.

Scott Foster  

The only reasonable explanation is that Xero signed some kind of an agreement with PayPal for a few years. It is definitely something they are not saying, because every programmer can implement such integration in hours or days at the most.

Oren Yehezkely  

Please please please add Authorize.net ASAP! PayPal is great, but Authorize.net is my first choice and there's no integration. What's the update on this? It's nearly a year since the original post.

Minister Marie Burns Holzer  

Authorize.net integration is critical. I could say so much more, but I believe you, xero, know that failure to do so will result in loss of American customers.

Steve Morgan  

Hi all

Just thought I would give an update on this. We do have parts of the integration complete - however it was too flaky for us to release so we concentrated on integrations that worked without issue out-of-the-box. We still have some work to do to get our automated testing working with Authorize.net - once that's done we'll be more comfortable releasing it into the wild.

So we definitely haven't forgotten about it.

I'm not trying to be flippant here, but the question I have for this forum right now is why Authorize.net? Is it because you have your own merchant account through them? If not (i.e., you're merchant-less) then have you checked out competitors such as Stripe (https://stripe.com/)?


CTO @ Xero

Craig Walker (Xero Staff)  

@Craig - As one person mentioned above, Authorize.net is huge in the US, and you typically pay much less in fees to use it than to use PayPal. We started our site back in 2008 and Authorize.net was the best option at the time. I just recently heard about Stripe but haven't had a chance to compare it to Authorize.net to see how much more difficult it would be to implement and if it would work with 1ShoppingCart or S2member. Has anyone tried these integrators....https://zapier.com/zapbook/authorize-net/xero/ or https://www.itduzzit.com/connect/authorize.net-to-xero?

I found a few good reviews that compare the two. Sounds like if lower volume stripe is fine but higher volume or higher priced items it is better to go with authorize.net.

If the one report is accurate and user base for authorize.net is 300k+ would think it would be worth the time to figure out a way to get a stabilized integration. Have you received any help from Authorize.net?

Sara Young  


To answer your question, yes I have my own merchant account and am using Authorize.net as my gateway service. Authorize.net users typically have a merchant account through someone else and use Authorize.net to facilitate the interaction between their shopping cart and their merchant account.

I'm currently evaluating Xero to replace my corporation's current accounting and invoicing system. We have several completely different business units offering products and services that are marketed under different business names. We have existing merchant accounts and gateways for each of these business units that we'd like to continue to use.

The biggest issue I have with Xero is that there is no Authorize.Net support. I've been looking for Xero alternatives because of this even though my bookkeeper really wants to use Xero. I also haven't yet determined if Xero's PayPal support includes Payflow Pro and Payflow Link. I'm hoping it does.

My business has multiple merchant accounts with far better rates than Stripe offers. I'm using Authorize.Net as a gateway for one of those accounts and PayPal PayFlow Pro for another. It makes no sense for my business to not use our existing merchant accounts and increase our fees.

... continued below ...


Tauren Mills  

... continued from above ...

Furthermore, I don't want my customer's credit card statements to have transactions such as STRIPE*My Business Name on them. I had plenty of problems previously when using Google Checkout (GOOGLE*My Business Name) and PayPal (PAYPAL *My Business Name). After reviewing Stripe's FAQ, it appears they may not have this problem, but I'm not completely sure about that.

Stripe is an awesome service, but it doesn't meet everyone's needs. It's great for startups, but established businesses have more complex needs.

As others mention, Authorize.net is basically the de-facto gateway service in the US. Almost all merchant accounts come with Authorize.net already set up. Not supporting it is really limiting your customers flexibility and is probably losing you business. I know I'm very much on the fence.

In order to use Authorize.Net with Xero, it appears that I would need to maintain a FreshBooks account. That means an additional $30/mo just so that I can bill my customers with my own merchant account instead of a shared merchant account like Stripe offers.

I'm a developer and have integrated with many gateway services, including Payflow Pro, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, Stripe, Stripe Connect, BalancedPayments, BrainTree, and others. I don't recall Authorize.net support being flaky or difficult to implement, but then again you may have different requirements than I did.

I'd really like my accounting and invoicing service to support my existing merchant account and gateway. From reviewing all the comments in the Xero community, it appears that I'm far from alone. Hopefully you can roll this out soon.



Tauren Mills  


Tauren has said it very well. We've used Freshbooks as a workaround for the past two years and are now switching to bill.com because of some limitations of Freshbooks, specifically that they don't have due dates on invoices nor can you specific a GL account for a line item when creating an invoice.

It is annoying to have to go to two programs to do invoicing and modify invoices in two places if there are ever modifications to an invoice.

The processing rates on Stripe are much higher than what we would get with Authorize.net and would equal at least one to two hundred dollars a month for us so that is a non starter.

Like others have said here, authorize.net is THE player in the US than nearly every merchant account integrates with them. It is a no brainer. If it wasn't for the Freshbooks workaround, we would NOT have signed up for Xero two years ago. Just based on your question, I'm not sure your team is aware of how much potential US business you are losing a month by not having this integration.


Daniel Helsten  


Indeed your question above does indicate that you are somewhat 'remote' from the market.
Authorize.net integration is only one indication. Sales tax report can be another example.
You certainly need a local product manager who knows this market and has years of experience.
You cannot assume to know the needs of this market from the other side of the world. The US market is also not the same as the UK or Australian markets.
I heard that you got a large investment in order to do just that. Good luck.

Oren Yehezkely  

Do you know money from Paypal is funding Xero? Authorize.net is as easy to integrate as any other solution but is gonna never happen. We are using Authorize.net and considering to move to Xero but Stripe and GoCardless delaying the money 7 days?? and Payment Express higher fees? neither solution is better than Paypal, guess why. We are gonna see what we can do with tri party solutions. Thiel must accept Authorize.net support by Xero any time soon.

Luis Botero  

We use Authorize.net CIM to store customer payment profiles for reocurring monthly payments at a far better rate with extremely strong API options for our payment processing integration needs than both Paypal and other providers (meaning we wont switch).

The payments are then processed-deposited by Chase Paymenttech.

Authorize.net has the full payment details, and even the Xero invoice# we created with Xero API.

We MUST HAVE the payment details integration so that we can reconcile payments quickly (nearly automatic).

There is no manual quick workaround today. The Authorize.net option for "QuickBooks Download" comes out in .iif format with no option for CSV so I cannot import the details to Xero either.

Right now i have to export each months statements from Authorize.net and manually reconcile the payment with the bank deposit. This is horrible when you have several customers paying the same $ amount on the same day & even batch deposits for the same day.


Please add Authorize.net integration (or chase paymenttech) for processed payment details. This is 2014, we should be able to 1 click reconcile everything that has been processed electronically through Xero & Authorize.net API's.

Anthony Vierra  

@Antony, we are trying to migrate to Xero from QB Desktop and looking itduzzit.com as connector from Authorize.net to Xero. Unless you can fund Xero with millions, they are not gonna integrate with Authorize.net. There is a lot of situations like this one in Salesforce.com and my friend, as always, it's money talking here. Thiel from Paypal funded Xero and like it or not, Paypal is gonna be the option long time. The only solution for us, stay and cry or look somewhere else.

Luis Botero  

Just to reiterate what we’ve said earlier, there’s no exclusive agreement between Xero and Paypal - Paypal was the most popular in all markets at that time. Since then, we’ve integrated with the Payment options Stripe, Payment Express (DPS), GoCardless, and eWay.

The status of this thread, ‘Started’, means that this is something that we’re working on and Authorize.net will be integrated into Xero. As Craig explained above, there has been a delay, but the integration will eventually be released.

Please bear with us while this is being developed, we’ll update you when we’re closer to having this released. Thanks.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  


The problem is that your explanation makes little sense in practice, especially in this market (US).
I can understand why you have selected PayPal first, because it gave you a (partial) solution in many markets, and also for multiple currencies.
However any one that knows the US market, would have selected Authorize.net as the second choice. All the other companies you mentioned may be very good, but they are not as popular as authorize.net. So for a young company trying to penetrate a market, one would think that you would want to appeal to the masses as soon as possible.
As for your 'technical difficulties' - this seems to be odd. I am no programmer, but I had a programmer who "single handily" created a system and integrated it with authorize.net.
Many thousands of others have done the same, so your claim that it is in the works for such a long time, is hard to accept.
I for myself, may not need this feature by the time you complete it. However I am sure it is important to others, and it is important to give you feedback so that may be you will take this market more seriously.
BTW: I think it may be needed to describe what exactly are you going to implement. My expectations (and I think others' too) is that it will allow more than manual reconciliation.
I would like to see that it allows to automatically create a receipt based on an existing invoice and payment from authorize.net. I would also think that you should allow to automatically create an invoice based on a payment in authorize.


Oren Yehezkely  

Crap! I just came across Xero. I LOVE the service. I was actually considering dropping my current accounting software... but i can't believe there is no Authorize.net integration. Wow. The other posts are correct. If you have any interest in the U.S. market, you need authorize.net. This is really unfortunate.

Vinny Troia  


I am a Xero partner here in the US. I also am interest in this integration, but it should not hold you back from switching to Xero. Email me at info@thedigitalcpa.com . Give me the low down on your use of the gateway and why you think it will deter your use of Xero. Would love to discuss your accounting needs and show you why you need to switch to Xero now!


Jay Kimelman  

I don't think there’s exclusive agreement between Xero and Paypal. But let's check the facts:

1. Peter Thiel cofounder of Paypal funded Xero.
2. Paypal is the cheapest and more reliable solution that Xero offers.
3. Authorize.net is as easy to integrate, as reliable and cheaper than Paypal.
4. This post is more than 1 year old (no one takes more than 1 year to build an integration unless there is money involved).
5. Stripe, Payment Express (DPS), GoCardless, and eWay are more expensive, delay the money 7 days and maybe are funded by Paypal too (you know, own the competitors and you own all).

So, you can have all the excuses you want but there is a reality here, Authorize.net is gonna take long time to come to Xero, UNLESS, maybe if Paypal acquires Authorize.net..??

Luis Botero  

I've solved this.

Please feel free to share this around.

Martin Pavion  

Is authorize.net integration dead in the water? I'm fed up with Stripe and am ready to move on unless authorize.net integration is coming soon.

Steve Morgan  

Hey, we need this! What is the status? It's been months! Please help

Nathaniel Cruz  

I second, third etc the prior posts requesting an update on status of Authorize.net and supposed integration with Xero. Hop to it. I have clients that would move over to Xero if you had this as an add-on

Doug Waite  

Another vote for Authorize.net please add it

Kelly Ucen