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Fedup with XERO support team and people

Started by Mohsin Shah -   in Tell us how we're doing

Xero support team is just beyond frustrating now.

First of all we don't know where to send queries to. Just got one email and that take ages to reply. They don't understand our question and to make them understand via email takes at least 3-4 days

Another problem is that when they don't understand the question, instead of asking for more details, they just copy/paste some from their "BIBLES" and send it across. At least read the question properly !!!

If I don't get proper support, I am just going to stop using Xero. There are other software that have 1000% better support then Xero. It is not worth this whole tension and hassle
Really sorry to hear you feel this way, Mohsin. I know I've also replied to our discussion over on this thread, but do want to respond here to address some of your concerns.

This Xero Central page details exactly how you can get help while using Xero. Each article has a 'Get in Touch' button at the bottom, so it's easy to send an email to our Support team if needed. While we're more than happy to give you a call back when requested, it does take a little time to ensure your query is with the right specialists, and for them to dig a little deeper into exactly what's going on. Email support also means you're able to refer back to the information or links later on, if needed.

Please be assured, each member of our Support team is well trained in their area of expertise at Xero, and has a background in accounting, bookkeeping, or payroll, depending on the specialist area. While it might feel like a bit of back and forth, getting an invite for Xero Support to access your organisation makes it possible for our team to take a closer look at exactly what's happening, or how a certain figure is being calculated.

I know it's a bit late in the UK now, but we'll have someone reach out to you tomorrow, if you can please let us know when you're free. Or, let me know here if you'd like to talk sooner.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Please call me on my office number between 9.30 to 5 o clock Uk time.

Mohsin Shah  

Thanks, Mohsin, have passed that along to the team.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Good luck with getting the call!! Xero support is the worst ever. It really is appalling. Batting emails back and forward is bad enough but waiting 24 hours between emails is a nonsense. Software is great when it works but the absolute most frustrating nightmare when it is faulty. You are supposed to be innovative yet your 3rd rate support says otherwise. Why, why, why, why do we have to do it all by email which you don't respond to until the next day. Who works like that????? Us business owners don't all have staff that sit in an office all day. Some of us are on the road or on site all day and late into the evening and have days that are very fluid.

Paul Hayes  

They did call but that didn't help. All they are doing is reading from a script or Guidebook. I had loads of problem in different areas of XERO. It is not clear how Xero is working in that areas but the people keep telling you everything is working and correct.

Yes it is working but how do you explain that to your colleagues or auditors.

I will be running a parallel different accounting software and will stop using Xero as soon as we are ready

Mohsin Shah  

Hi Paul, I've taken a closer look at your emails with Support, and can see you've had some trouble with your bank feed. I know it's hard to chat on the phone if you're on the go all day, which is why we do try to arrange a call for when you're free, to save you sitting on hold when you have work to get done. The fastest way to get that bank statement line reconciled would be to use the Mark as Reconciled option (there's no importing involved) - more info here.

@Moshin - I know you've discussed foreign currency bank revaluations with our Multi-currency specialist Steve - was there something else you also needed help with? I can't see any further emails with the team, so happy to get someone in touch to help you out. Just let me know here.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

LAUREN C - you just don't seem to get it do you? How can you call me when I'm free when I can't tell you 12 hours in advance when I'm going to available to be sat in the office in front of the computer? I can tell you as and when I am available however as it takes you typically 12-24hours to see that you an email from me, that's a long wait for a phone call. Being sat on hold is much much more preferable as most people have hands free nowadays so I can have the call on hold, waiting, whilst doing paperwork - a little like pretty much EVERY other tech department that I deal with. Alternatively I use live chat - but you don't do that either!!!!!! It would be quicker to send you guys a letter and wait for the post to arrive. Oh, and if you're worried about keeping people on hold, maybe that's an indication that you don't have adequate staff for the service we pay for.

Paul Hayes  

Hi Moshin, I know how you feel. I've just subscribed to xero & had what I thought a fairly basic question that wasn't clearly covered in the help so sent aa question. The support response was all about why a very basic task of adding a service to an invoice was not possible, talked about practice manager without explaining what that was. The link sent was no help & the button to get in touch did not work. There appears to be no option to provide any feedback.

Roger Gazard  

Sorry, Roger, although I can see the team at Support have replied to your email this morning, and explained Practice Manager, can definitely see how this is confusing for you when you're just starting out with Xero. I think it'd be best to chat through your questions with the team, so I've asked a member from Support to give you a call. They'll be in touch soon.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Well, I wouldn't say Support is faultless (and which of us Users are?) and although I have noticed a deterioration in the accuracy of expected response times, by and large I get a pretty good service. (I run a small bookkeeping and accountancy practice so I don't know if we get priority responses.) It does annoy me when Support include links to the most obvious online Help material which of course I read before contacting Support. If it was a toss up between online Chat and telephone support, I think Chat could be tried first and see if that works for most of us.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Paul. It is hard to know what resources have been checked out before coming into the team, which is why we send links, as it's better to see it twice than not at all. In saying that, feel free to let the team know what resources you have checked out, so we're not getting you to repeat steps you've already taken. :)

Being able to refer back to steps or links later is handy (with some questions having a lot more investigation involved) - something that's a bit trickier with Livechat. We are always more than happy to give you a call back if needed, to go over those more in depth situations.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Lauren, as you seem to be the only human responding to queries, can you have a look at this bug report and advise the community why they have not been getting any response, and why the bug remains unfixed? https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/13520428/

Bevan Simpkin  

Live chat is a very good idea however XERO is very slow in implementing these ideas

The customer service need to respond to queries with specific answers, and not just scripts that they send to everyone.

Mohsin Shah  

Cheers, Bevan. Don't want to veer off topic too much from this thread, but we are looking to have an update there soon. I can see that you've commented on this thread, so you should be automatically subscribed for updates. Keep an eye out in your inbox.

@Mohsin, We've been quite clear here that Live Chat isn't an avenue we're looking to develop. However, we do make a great effort to respond to each individual question. While there maybe some common steps for certain actions, we really do try to personalise our messages, taking account of all that's been asked within the email.

Lauren C (Community Manager)