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Bank Reconciliation Issue

Started by Gerard Donnelly -   in Accounting


I am new to XERO so please forgive my stupidity. I have had XERO for a number of months and it is connected to my bank account. I went into today to create all of the purchases for that last few months but I noticed that all of the bank transactions are already reconciled.

Could someone explain to me what is happening as I have not created the purchases yet.


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Hi Gerard,

It seems that the bank transactions were erroneously reconciled against some expense codes.

You need to go into particular bank account - Transactions Tab - Check on all transactions and Click on "Remove & Redo", which shall unreconcile all the bank transactions and you will see them under the Bank Reconcile Screen.

You can then create purchase invoices, and reconcile the bank entry with the respective purchase invoice.

If you need help on how to do it practically, please mail me on info@mmcbooks.com and I can hop on to screen sharing session and do this for you.


Ankit Mehta
MMC Books

Ankit Mehta