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The Future of Xero Community?

Started by Jeremy Fong -   in Accounting

With the redesign of the help into Xero Central there are no longer any links to or search results from Xero Community.

I'm not sure how anyone will find their way here in future.

Are Xero planning on killing off Xero Community?
No plans for the Community to vanish, Jeremy. But we are thinking of how to make this a better space for everyone moving forward, for those already engaged, as well as those that'd like to be.
Thanks for raising the note of the links through to Community from Xero Central. I do appreciate there's no direct link between the two channels right now - this is something we've raised with the team and hope to resolve, but I'll keep you updated on that here.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Merged: Access to Community siter from Xero

5 July 2018
I used to be able to hook into the Community portal from the help section in Xero ... it was on the pull-down menu somewhere. Now even if I search for it I can't find it on "Xero Central".

To get into the community forum I had to open a new window in Google and do a WWW search for Xero Community.

This is an extremely useful platform for getting answers to questions that are not covered in your on-line help ... your pre-recorded answers and webinars do not answer every question - it would be unreasonable to expect that it would, given the number of different ways people use the software. So why remove the link to the community? Are you trying to discourage us from publicly communicating about issues?

And removing the date stamp from forum posts ??? ... you would do much better to be transparent about how long some of these issues take for you to resolve (after all, you claim to have genuine reasons why some issues take a lot of time), rather than sneakily remove the date (we all noticed!!).

Sharron Sylvester  

Merged: Xero Central

Have to say I am not a fan of Xero Central. The old Xero Help was a lot easier to navigate and had much more step by step instructions plus links to videos on how to do things.

Hopefully this is still a work in progress.

Joy Moore  

Hiya Sharon, appreciate you raising this here. You're right - there isn't a link through to the Community from Xero Central atm. Definitely not trying to discourage any discussion in Community, but we are thinking about how we can make this an even more engaging space going forward. There's a discussion over here around this, which I'm going to join your post in with.
Removing date stamps was a conscious decision, as the age of a request really isn't something that's taken into consideration when we're looking at what to develop next. Please take a look at this blog post, for full details.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the new Xero Central space here, Joy. If you feel there's any gaps in the knowledge that's there, please do send your thoughts through to the team at Support - always keen to hear feedback of this kind, so there's more knowledge there for everyone.
There is more to come for this space, and I'm going to merge your post in with other discussion we've had on this, so we can keep you all updated in one place.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Merged: Where is the permalink to Community?

The Community used to be accessed via the help portal.

Now the link doesn't seem to exist.

I asked Support who, in their inimitable style, completely dodged the actual question and just told me that Community still exists and gave me a link.

Have I missed something? Where is the permalink?


Jeff N  

Good spotting, Jeff, there is no link through to Community from Xero Central atm. We have more discussion on this over here, which I'll join your post in with. This is something the team are aware of and we do have more change planned, so we'll keep you in the loop of these, on this thread.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Merged: Help not Helping

27/07/2018 - This is my opinion on the Xero Business Help Center.

Xero has so many system process issues (no Ship To, No credit limits management, poor multi-currency reporting, for example) yet has clearly spent time and budget making website changes. I have spent time trying to adjust to the changes before posting and after a few weeks my view is that the result is very poor and to the detriment of users.

You have changed the navigation to the help guides and removed the previous intuitive process aligned left-hand navigation. I have spent months telling my client about well documented intuitive Xero Help only to find it now rendered to a convoluted, hard to navigate/search mess. If a user doesn't know exactly what they are looking for then they spend a long time trying to find items that were previously so easy to find. Even if the users searches for a topic based something they can see on their screen or something they have seen before the results are often wrong. This has become a really poor user experience. Of all the things the Xero team could change and improve I don't think this was not the place to spend time or money. Having worked extensively in the training and documentation space over past years, and firmly believing in usability testing - we have a 100% usability failure to find anything first try in Xero today.

Using Xero day to day was key for my users - the left-hand navigation in alphabetical order made locating step by step guides very easy. Search on this now and unrelated links result. Navigate your way around is gone and not searchable.

The problem with choosing to move to a design that is predicated on a user search is that it often fails the users - there are very few decent search engines and if developers don't align help searches to words and phrases the user knows or sees on screen then frustration is a result and organisations have to resort to documenting their own help guides. The number of unrelated items presented back, and the apparent random order of the items means quickly getting help is no longer possible. The time wasted opening links to something that might be useful but proves not to is a huge source of frustration. I now need to create a document for the team with a link to the all the help steps they need - what stupid waste of my time.

We could not find any links when in Xero or the Help Center to the Community. Or so we thought for 20 minutes, then I saw a link in the small print at the bottom of a pop up window and now we cannot find it again. It feels like you have taken steps to discourage the use of the forum - that may not be true but that is how it feels.

Multiple searches in 'help' (community, xero community, xero business community, discussion) all fail to bring up anything that gets me the community pages.

The only way we could find the Community page was by entering a Google search.

Once the community page is found there are two tabs at the top - however If I navigate to the Guide tab then the tabs disappear & we can't get back to the community page. More Google search. We can save a favourite in the browser but really shouldn't have to.

The steps to add this post were convoluted and somewhat counter intuitive. And you don’t make is easy to add a new discussion.

Ingrid Blyth  

Unfortunately seems typical of Xero, They don't reply to these posts, either.

Bevan Simpkin  


Thank you for taking the time to explain so clearly all of the frustrations felt here. Unfortunately, as a new Xero Subscriber or should I say Sufferer; I never had the benefit of seeing/using the previous system you describe. But I could feel the drool slip down my chin just the same!
31/07/2018 (For when they remove dates from this forum too)

Nigel Harper  

Thanks, Ingrid and all here - We really value the time you've taken to let us know your thoughts on our new Support space, Xero Central. Change of any kind can take a bit of getting used to, but I can see that you've really got stuck in and had a play with what's there.

With over 5000 great ideas here in Community, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure we address as many different customer’s needs, along with market and region specific considerations. Each area of the product requires varying knowledge and expertise, with skilled Product teams looking after each space - whether that be Mobile, Invoicing, or the Support experience.

Working to reshape support and provide a much smarter, more intuitive help experience, we’ve done a lot of user testing with the new framework. However, it’s always interesting to hear how others are finding the new space, and the differences in what’s needed in Support from person to person. Xero Central will learn as you go, getting smarter over time. We’re still enhancing the experience, with more improvements up our sleeves that’ll help provide everyone with a personalised and contextual search experience.

@Ingrid - We’d really like to hear more on the terms you were searching to see if there are gaps we could easily address here. It’s interesting to hear your view on the left hand table of contents menu to a search driven experience, and we’ll continue to monitor feedback on this - Through user tests we found that users were getting lost with the old table of contents, finding it far quicker to get to the content they're looking for through the new topic structure.

We’ve received more feedback and discussion around this, which I’ll join your post in with so that we can keep you in the loop of what’s coming. Our vision is to bring Support and Community into one place, but as you can imagine these things take time and need a phased approach.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Hi All, I just wanted to jump in here to update you on the latest changes for Xero Business Community. As you might have seen in the banners around Community and on our Blog, we've just released Discussions on Xero Central! This means you can now ask the community questions about using Xero, or talk all things business on our new Discussion forum.

For the current Xero Business Community, Feature Requests & App reviews will remain open here so you'll still be able to share your ideas and keep up to date with any upcoming releases.

Lauren C (Community Manager)