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Freshbooks and/or Xero

Started by Daniel Rose -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

I'm doing invoices through Freshbooks now and want to move to a full-featured hosted accounting system. I see that Freshbooks and Xero integrate but why, if Xero does invoicing, would I need to pay for Xero and Freshbooks? Am I missing something?


Great question @Daniel! You don't need to use both at all - Xero might suit your needs entirely :) When we first released the integration it was in response to a lot of FreshBooks customers wanting an integration with a full accounting system, and they wanted to keep using FreshBooks because their invoice customization was better than Xero's. However, since the integration we've released full invoice customization via Word DOCX, discounts and we're working towards online invoicing and more payment options as well. So the choice is yours - if Xero does everything you want that's great! If you want to keep using FreshBooks then the syncing of invoices and payments to Xero works well.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi Daniel,
Have client that stayed with freshbooks when taking up Xero primarily because of the automated reminders. They have problems with maintaining 2 systems for invoices & debtors in freshbooks is often significantly different to Xero. For this reason, I've recommended they consider Xero only for invoicing & use xocashflow which is cost effective option for follow up.

Jennifer Reardon  

Pro's & Cons as with everything in life.
The bad thing I dont' like with the Freshbooks to Xero integration, is that all of your income from Freshbooks comes into the ONE income account in Xero.
Why? It's a freshbooks problem I've figured out. Why in the world would you want all your different types of income to come into one income account on your GL?
No idea.
Answer? No freshbooks! :)

Charles Klvana  

For me, Freshbooks has some excellent functionality, but overall it's a very limited application.

It has put in some really cool bells and whistles, like automatic overdue interest calculation and addition to an invoice, and emailing a client of this; the ability to auto create invoices and forward; an "audit" trail where you can see who has viewed their invoice and when.

Unfortunately, the Freshbooks to Xero intergration is really just a band-aid solution. Ultimately, Xero needs to get their act together and have the same functionality as Freshbooks.

Michael Martion  

One of the nice things with Freshbooks that a number of my clients loved was the client portal where they could check projects, invoices, statements etc. It was a nice system, but I don't really miss anything else after moving to Xero. Of course if Xero was to implement a client portal it would be great. Now that there is the employee portal for payroll maybe a client portal for invoices and statements could be possible ?

Scott Muller  

Definitely keen to help get businesses paid faster and working towards online invoicing - whether or not we go to a full client portal, this is a sensible (and often requested) place to start.
Really good to hear what people like and don't like about the 2 systems and the integration - thanks!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi Catherine, What do you mean by "online invoicing" please? Is that not what you do at the moment?

Nigel Godfrey  

@Nigel Hi - yes that could probably do with some clarification! By online in this case we mean a customer can receive the invoice online and pay from the invoice, not just a PDF.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi everyone,

Replying to an old thread but wanted to make everyone aware that we've built a custom integration from Freshbooks to Xero for a customer that we can adapt as needed. It addresses the limitations of the single revenue account, single payment account, and multi-currency. It also addresses the fact that an invoice revised in Freshbooks doesn't get updated in Xero.

Contact us at Interlockit.com for more details.

Blair Collins  

As the original poster on this thread, i would say that we still don't have an ideal solution for what we are trying to do, which is: capture receipts on smartphones in multi-currencies (Abukai, Shoeboxed or other), flow into Xero and quickly turn those expenses plus our professional fees into a complete invoice for a client.

Daniel Rose  

I want to use freshbooks to keep tabs on jobs, hours spent, expenses for each client. Etc. Can Xero really replace freshbooks in this way?

Erica Kubanek  

The big problems we found with Xero invoicing are as follows:

They don't accept PayPal business so when you have large invoices we pay a much larger fee.
The mobile app doesn't allow you to make invoices as paid (android)
The mobile app doesn't allow you to create new clients (android)

Mary Schuch  

The problem that we have is that we do "jobbing" work and we want to be able to run simple reports that give us by job the income less the costs related to that job. We have been using freshbooks and are keen to stay with it because of some of its clever features, and we want to implement Xero so we can run monthly P & L and Balance Sheets etc. What is the best way for us to get the job costing reports that we want?

Chris Baker