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Quotes: Search functionality

Started by Karmel Everett in Feature Requests | Done!

Hi guys,

Love the new quote facility, only there is no search bar! Once I have a few pages of quotes it would be great to be able to search for the title instead of having to scroll through them. The current search only appears to search the invoices.
Hi guys.

I totally agree! Loving the quote facility but there are still a few bugs to fix up.

SEARCH BAR/BUTTON - really needs one so we can search by quote number instead of sorting by column each time. With the number of quotes on display being a maximum of 25 per page, I am finding that going through several pages of quotes can be very time consuming.

PRINT BUTTON in draft - to print a draft quote you currently need to save the draft, go to the draft tab, checkbox the quote then a print option will appear above the Ref column or click on the draft quote and print. Would be nice if once the draft is saved that a print button appears at the top of the quote like the draft invoices do.

Nicole Arends

Hi Karmel & Nicole

It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the quotes feature. The wait for the option to search within quotes won’t be long. We’re on track to deliver in the next release.

Re printing: there is a similar request where I’ll post a reply to keep things in one place.

Peta Wallace (Xero Staff)


Loving the new quotes but I can see there being a big issue with the amount of quotes we put out and not having a search option within quotes. This will become a massive pain once we have a few pages of quotes to scroll through to find the right quote etc... Any chance of a search button please!!?

Paul Thickpenny

Hi all - just wanted to let you know (if you haven't already noticed) that on Monday we released the search function within quotes...

Peta Wallace (Xero Staff)