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Current RMS

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 9 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Current RMS, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Current RMS

Powerful cloud equipment rental management system, built for the Audio Visual, Events and Broadcast sectors, managing the entire rental cycle, from any device, and location. For more information, check out Current RMS.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Current RMS, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Current RMS support centre or this page for information on connecting Current RMS to Xero.

Thanks for all the fantastic reviews above, we really do appreciate you taking the time out to review our integration and Current RMS.

Rowan, I know we went through your requests after you posted the above review last year but I just wanted to provide you and other users with an update on the feature requests you've put forward. Job Costing has now been released to all of our users and the API is in testing, one of the Product Specialists will be in touch tomorrow with further information.

Many thanks
Lisa Kenward, Business Manager @ Current RMS

Lisa Kenward  

Decent software with potential.
The quoting part is fairly quick and easy and if you only hire your own stock it's really easy to track inventory levels. There are some features which should improve it a lot – costing is due Q1 2016 which will greatly improve the software for companies (like us) who cross-hire regularly and want to track the profit of full productions, as opposed to just the revenue from a job (with no profit estimate at the end).
What I really like is the customer service – just had a 90 minute conversation with them giving frank feedback which seems to being taken on board. They have a small customer services team, so it’s nice to be able to contact the same people, and by phone, not online support tickets.

Features I like:
-Inventory tracking for individual items
-Speed of quoting
-Scheduling staff/vehicles
-Producing documentation (quotes, invoices, rental agreements) quickly

Features I would like to see / see improved:
-Job costing (due Q1 2016)
-Rental website integration API (due Q4 2015)
-Better handling of packages (currently does not track availability of packages, only the components of it. Also does not calculate package weights in the inventory)

Integration with Xero works well. It’s pretty simple really – invoices can be posted to Xero and contact details can be synced.
I’d recommend a rental company to give it a try…if you find features it lacks, just tell them and they’ll probably develop it soon!

Rowan Brandreth  

We have been using Current RMS with the Xero integration for several months now. Being in the rental business we have struggled finding a well rounded system to use. Current RMS has somehow managed to provide a very powerful and flexible system to cater for many different ways we rent and sell our products.

Already using Xero originally, we have had a very seamless integration. We also use Stripe integrated to Xero, so all of our invoices can be sent off and paid online by the customer. Current RMS has also recently updated the system to allow cash payments directly from Current RMS and syncing it to Xero without the need of logging in separately.

I would highly recommend Current RMS, Xero and Stripe as a solution for basically any rental/hire business.

Tim Bullerjahn  

Our business started using Current at the beginning of 2015. Current is representative of a paradigm shift in niche software applications from proprietary licences to cloud based subscriptions.
The benefits to us as a new business were clear. Both Current and Xero give us the ability to easily expand the number of licences as our business gathers pace and we enjoy excellent support and the benefit of continuous improvements to both the rental and accounting software.
The integration between Current & Xero is complete, efficient and hassle free. It has allowed us to streamline the process from taking on an initial enquiry right through to processing invoices, leaving more time to concentrate on the needs of our clients and developing new business.

adam howard  

We started using Current RMS back in September and the features, support and continued expansion have been by far the best we have ever experienced across rental management systems.

The Xero integration into Current RMS has meant we could move away from our old windows installation software and into the cloud with ease. The high level of integration between the 2 software items has streamlined our work and increased our efficiency ten fold.

I would highly recommend Current RMS and Xero to the rental industry.

Steven Jones  

I have never had so few issues with Rental software.

Highly recommend due to the service and support received.

Mathew Goldsmith  

We moved away from our clunky old windows based hire system to Current RMS in the summer of 2014 and haven't looked back since.

Current has dramatically changed the way in which we do business. It has streamlined our processes and makes much better use of our staffs time.

Our warehouse now have 100% confidence that the stock levels are correct as they scan in and out each item allowing them to spot any shortages in an instant.

Current allows us to create quotes, check the progress of orders as well as make amends on the fly (using PC's, Macs, iPhones, iPads etc). Being cloud based allows users to login from anywhere in the world. It also gives business owners the data that they need to have about their business at their fingertips.

With some systems there is so much training to get to grips with it, this is where Current comes into its own. Within half a day our sales team had nailed it and the warehouse staff took to it really fast. No more printing off prep sheets for them, its all online and they walk round the warehouse with laptops and iPads selecting the equipment required for each event.

I cannot recommend Current highly enough and its integration with Xero has been seamless.

Ben McCarthy
Managing Director
Premier UK Events Ltd


Ben McCarthy  

Current RMS is a great tool for managing a rental inventory. Their integration with Xero is excellent too.

Well recommended.

Ben Bowles  

Current-RMS is a lightweight, streamlined but highly functional solution that provides the foundation of our day to day business operations, looking after the complete rental life cycle, from initial client enquiry and quotations, resource allocation, scheduling and management all the way through to invoice control.

The simplicity and standardisation of the intuitive interface allows us to work quickly and efficiently, the customisable back end allows us to mould the tool to our way of doing things. Integration with Xero also provides considerable savings to our book-keeping overhead – invoice information is posted directly to our main accounts package at the push of a button, definable product based revenue groups within Current RMS allow us to maintain a full cost centre break down of our various revenue streams.

However the main strength of Current-RMS is the superb support and backing provided by its developers. In our experience. questions and issues have consistently been answered promptly and fully by a human being, the collection of feature requests and suggestions we’ve made have been listened to, understood, considered and where practical, implemented or placed on the road map.

We migrated to Current-RMS in August 2014, it has undoubtedly been a huge benefit to our business process and efficiency.

Stuart Keasley
Director : Black Flag TV Ltd

Stuart Keasley  

Current is a must have for rental and hire companies, esp for those who are in the events industry. It gives you the ability to manage all your job, clients and quotations wherever you are and whatever device your using. Much like Xero.
It integrates fully with Xero and keep all your client contact details in sync on both systems and instantly posts your invoices to Xero once your job is complete.
Highly Recommended

Stephen Lucas