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Quotes - Convert to a deposit invoice and remaining amount invoice

Started by Phillip Davies in Feature Requests | Idea

This has been partially covered in this feature request although with the new quote functionality it would be really nice if we could do the following:

- Set a required deposit percentage on the quote (perhaps displayed on the generated quote)
- Generate an invoice for the selected percentage as a deposit invoice with the click of a button
- Generate an invoice for the remaining amount (total minus the deposit) with the click of a button
- At a glance of the quote see if a deposit and / or total invoice has been paid

Apologies if this has already been suggested, but this would really help my invoicing workflow as I often have to keep a separate record of deposits sent / paid and manually calculate the remaining amount to invoice on completion of a project.
There are a few similar requests around deposit, and progress functionality, feel free to add your feedback! Cheers, Brittany.

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Create Proforma Invoice, make payments and convert to an invoice
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Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, thanks for your comments here and I'm sorry we're been quiet on this thread!

I know this doesn't completely resolve your request here, none-the-less, you can copy the full contents of a Quote to an Invoice. From here, you could either; manually adjust the line item amounts, or add a discount percentage so your customer will only pay the deposit percentage. You'd repeat this action to copy the original Quote as many times necessary, until the full Quote has been invoiced.

As some may have already discovered, we've been discussing deposit functionality in this other thread.
While we do want to tackle this feature we need to get a few other big items like projects and new invoicing out, before we can start planning how deposits will fit in the mix.
We understand from the comments there are multiple use cases, so when we do have a better view of a solution, and things do firm up we'll be able to come back with more clarity.

Kelly M (Community Manager)