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Manual RTI Submission

Started by Malcolm Green -   in UK Payroll

I have sent an RTI submission to HMRC which is incorrect and I need to send them a re submission with a zero value. HMRC hav told me to contact Xero who will help me with this.
I have submitted a support ticket twice now and had no reply after five days, is this the normal level of support from them or are they just ignoring me as the problem is to difficult for them?
I'm so sorry Malcolm that it's been five days since you emailed in, and we haven't replied to you. We've 100% dropped the ball here and I can't give any reason, other than that our team are incredibly busy at the moment. That shouldn't, however, mean that you should be left waiting for that long with out a response!

I've escalated now, and will get one of the UK Payroll team on it as soon as possible.

Brittany H (Community Manager)