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New Expenses - no equivalent report to 'Expense Claim Summary Report'

Started by Sarah White -   in UK Payroll

In the existing Payroll there is a really useful report 'Expense Claim Summary Report' which groups employees' expense claims by the account to which they have been posted eg business entertainment, travel etc. We use this report for each employee every month to prepare their payslips.

There does not appear to be an equivalent report that is easy to access in the new expense process - to obtain the same information it appears that I need to do the following

• Change the settings of the Account Transactions Report
• Export the resulting report into Excel
• Convert the data into a table
• Filter the results to extract the data for an individual employee
• Sort the results by account code used
• Total the amounts by account code used.

If anyone knows a quicker way please will they post it - otherwise please can Xero introduce an equivalent report in the new expense process?
Hiya Sarah, appreciate you raising this and having a bit of a play around in Xero. As you know, new Expenses create Bills instead of Expense Claims. Based on the steps you've outlined, it sounds like the new Payable Invoice Detail report would be handy here. You can refine the display settings to group by account/employee, or simply add in a filter to narrow down the data you see. Keen to hear what you think. :)

Kavi S (Community Manager)