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Cannot access my xero account and I do not get any response to my emails from the xero team. help

Started by Sally Pietersz -   in Accounting

My phone was reformatted. I again installed the google authenticator and try to set up and then i get a message to enter the account name and my key.

I do not have a clue what is my key. When first inquired this, i received the following reply; BUt I cannot remember entering secret questions. I am really stuck as all my practise is interrupted. How I could resolve this matter.

Please help
"Hi Sally

If you're no longer able to use the Google Authenticator app, please select 'I can't use my authentication app' when logging in and answer the security questions that appear.

We can see that your Security Questions have not been attempted yet. Could you attempt to answer the Security Questions connected to your User Account?

If you've successfully logged into Xero, you'll be able to disable two-step authentication by following the steps outlined in our support article - I've included a link to this below.

Xero Central: Set up or disable two-step authentication

If you're still having trouble answering your questions, please let us know. For security purposes and to protect your organisation's data, we will need you to attempt the questions before we can advise on the next steps to re-access your account."
Heya Sally - I'm sorry you've been having difficulty getting into your account. As Ashley mentioned, you'll need to attempt to answer the questions (until you're locked out) before we can get the next steps going.

I 100% appreciate you want to get into your account, however we do have these processes in place to ensure that access to any Xero account is secure. I'll keep an eye on this today to make sure this is all sorted asap!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I also have the same issue with a user locked out of his xero due to questions being wrong, can you please help?

Kim Swatridge  

Heya Kim, thanks for also coming into the team at Support - the team have tools & the expertise to help with this, to ensure the account is kept secure. They'll be in touch soon with the next steps here.

Lauren C (Community Manager)