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Unscheduled pay run for last financial year

Started by Melanie Lister -   in AU Payroll

I am trying to do an unscheduled pay run for last financial year to add an expense claim that was missed. I have tried to add a new calendar in the payroll settings and change the calendar in the employee employment tab.

When I try to do a pay run with the new calendar, the employee does not show up in the pay run. If I try to do an unscheduled payrun using the new calendar it only gives me the dates of the last 8 pay runs from this financial year.

How can I process this unscheduled pay run for the previous financial year?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
You shouldn't be trying to do a pay run in a previous financial year once the year is finished (especially once the EOFY information has gone to the ATO). You can simply include the expense payment in their next pay period or do an uncheduled payment for the last pay period, whichever is closer, and make a note that it's a back-payment for a previous period.

Zosia Romanowski