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YTD Figures in Xero don't match YTD Figure on payslips

Started by Emily Prosser -   in Tell us how we're doing

I've sent so many emails about this (SINCE APRIL) and no one will get back to me. My staff YTD totals for payroll don't match what is printed on their payslips.

I need answers ASAP. Its end of year and I've been waiting for support for months. It's not good enough!!!!!
Hi Emily - I've taken a look and can see this issue has been dragging for some time. I'm sorry that this hasn't been sorted, and we haven't been all that communicative about a fix. I'd asked Johan to reach out again, so when you have some time can you please let him know when you're free so he can reach you?

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I still haven't heard from anyone???????

Emily Prosser  

Sorry looks like there's been a little confusion here, Emily. Brittany was asking if you could please let us know a time that'd work for you and we'd arrange for someone to get in touch when requested.
Regardless, want to get you help asap and I've escalated this with the team. One of our payroll specialists will be reaching out to help soon.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

They have - I got an email saying it won’t be fixed before EOFY because you’re too busy with other stuff. Unacceptable.
I raised this issue over 4 months ago. How am I supposed to provide accurate information to my employees!!

Emily Prosser  

Do get the frustration, Emily. STP does need to be top priority at this point, but understand this doesn't much help your situation here.
I see you've got back to Sophie and she's going to call a little later to talk about this with you. The team will be best set to keep you updated.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Still no call, Kelly.
I've provided my phone number to multiple agents.

How can EOFY not be top priority at this time?? Why are we paying for a service that isn't being provided???

Emily Prosser  

Hi Emily, I understand you've had a chance to speak with Sophie and she's been able to explain things - We could have been better communicating this earlier on, and I do apologise for any confusion on this issue.

Just for others here - The current issue here is the employee payslip is showing an incorrect YTD figure, however I do want to confirm the YTD figures within Xero are correct and calculated correctly. So, as long as payrolls been processed properly, it'll line up for end of financial year end.
We do intend to fix this but don't expect a fix before end of financial year due to other priority work the team have right now. If you're in the same position, come on into the team and they'll be able to let you know when a fix has been released.

Kelly M (Community Manager)