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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 5 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Majestri, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Majestri

Majestri is the system that becomes the permanent member of your committee. It's the most comprehensive set of web-based tools ever assembled that will automate club operations year-round.
For more information, check out Majestri.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Majestri, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.
For general support, please see their support pages Majestri and Xero or email support@majestri.com.au

I am the Treasurer of a netball club which uses Majestri. I put the club's accounts onto Xero and then set Majestri up to integrate with Xero. The integration setup was incredibly easy and well explained by Majestri. I had no problems with the integration, but knew that Majestri was available to help if I needed.

As all the information is held in Majestri, Xero simply retains a summary of the information, which works perfectly for me. The integration with Xero is accurate and seamless. I have found that if I need to add an account in Xero to process a Majestri receipt, the account appears straight away in Majestri. And if I need to process a receipt in Majestri to reconcile my bank account, the receipt once processed in Majestri, is available immediately in Xero. Perfect - no waiting around for changes to happen!

With regard to breaking out the club's income, Majestri allows me to process the different seasons and competitions into separate income accounts. And Majestri remembers from week to week, how I processed that season's income and automatically brings up the account next time I process a receipt. This means that I can see the income received for each of our different seasons, and also for our uniform sales in the P&L report.

I have found the customer service excellent at Majestri and would highly recommend Majestri to any sporting club. It is fantastic!

Leith Sutherland  

I have only had Majestri for 6 weeks and already it has made my life as treasurer of our football club so much easier.

The integration with Xero makes the bank reconciliation simple and fast, it links up with the bank feed and apart from a cursory check it has been accurate each and every time and posted to all the correct accounts.

Support has been great and the reports and cross checks will make the audit so much more efficient and easy each year.

Can highly recommend Majestri if you are a sporting club.

Bill Childs  

The integration between Majestri and Xero makes my life as the treasurer of a sporting club much easier!

Majestri makes keeping track of who owes what a simple task, with the ultimate recording of monies paid in Xero straight forward.

Majestri also comes complete with a range of tools to make managing a sporting club much easier - beyond the financial side.

I have found the customer service from the team at Majestri to be excellent.

Steven Critchison  

Absolutely love Majestri. It integrates with Xero perfectly and makes reconciling the money in the bank perfectly. It is great for having several types of payments from members including payment via the online shop for merchandise. It makes collecting representative team money and normal registration money so much easier to collect and offers members payment plans It has an option to create teams so managers can log on and only view their team and communicate with them via email or sms It is a very user-friendly system and the customer service by Majestri is excellent. Would highly recommend any sporting organisation or sporting club to use the Majestri system to collect their member payments and details..

Tina Hams  

Fantastic integration, has made reconciling weekly payments a breeze. Each type of payment (season registration, shop, extra program) is saved for future weeks, so the only thing needed is to remember to do it each week!

Even if you do it in bulk once a month, it will give the option to back-date payments so that your Xero accounting is accurate for when the money was received.

Had one small issue with a bugged payment and Majestri were very responsive, getting onto it within an hour to resolve.

Dan Perna