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Xero is Slow from past few weeks.

Started by Srikanth Venkatesh -   in Using Xero

Hi ,

Xero has been slow for the past few weeks on our system.If I click on an icon, it takes at least 3 to 4 seconds to respond.Say for instance, if I am trying to post a Journal from an existing journal by copying it,and if I click on the Journal Options drop down,Xero freezes immediately and after 3-4 seconds the drop downs shows up and next, I click on the Copy,the same delay repeats, making the entire process slow,time consuming and irritating.I request Xero team to kindly assist me on this issue.

Oh that doesn't sound good at all! Can you first check this for me?

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

No Brittany,That did not work.Xero is still slow :(

Srikanth Venkatesh  

Heya did that link show you if your browser needs updating, or cache needs to be cleared?

Brittany H (Community Manager)