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UK Payroll - Connecting to NEST

Started by Jamie Walters -   in UK Payroll


We are moving all our accounting from Sage to Nest. I created an account (Let's call it Acc 1) to run the April 2018 payroll through Xero and connected that account successfully to Nest, our Workplace Pension provider. However, I had to set up a separate account (Let's call it Acc 2) for the same business in order to migrate all the old accounting data from Sage as the April payroll data in the Acc 1 was preventing me from doing so.

I now need to recreate the Payroll data in the Acc 2 which the historic data has been migrated to, which I have done. However the Acc 2 won't connect to Nest. I have completed the steps as outlined in the various videos about 10 timew now.

I have disconnected the Acc 1 from Nest via the Workplace Pension tab for that account but this hasn't helped. Is there still a connection to Pension Sync managed elsewhere that needs to be broken?

Please help asap. I have emailed Nest support and was told I'd receive a response in 12 hours and 52 minutes. That was 30 hours ago. I need to get this sorted quickly so I can run this months payroll through the enw account.

Heya Jamie, I know that Nicky's come back to you - but I'm sorry for the wait! Please do keep in touch with her until all is sorted and she's investigated what's causing this.

Brittany H (Community Manager)