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UK Payroll - Connecting to NEST

Started by Jamie Walters -   in UK Payroll


We are moving all our accounting from Sage to Nest. I created an account (Let's call it Acc 1) to run the April 2018 payroll through Xero and connected that account successfully to Nest, our Workplace Pension provider. However, I had to set up a separate account (Let's call it Acc 2) for the same business in order to migrate all the old accounting data from Sage as the April payroll data in the Acc 1 was preventing me from doing so.

I now need to recreate the Payroll data in the Acc 2 which the historic data has been migrated to, which I have done. However the Acc 2 won't connect to Nest. I have completed the steps as outlined in the various videos about 10 timew now.

I have disconnected the Acc 1 from Nest via the Workplace Pension tab for that account but this hasn't helped. Is there still a connection to Pension Sync managed elsewhere that needs to be broken?

Please help asap. I have emailed Nest support and was told I'd receive a response in 12 hours and 52 minutes. That was 30 hours ago. I need to get this sorted quickly so I can run this months payroll through the enw account.

Heya Jamie, I know that Nicky's come back to you - but I'm sorry for the wait! Please do keep in touch with her until all is sorted and she's investigated what's causing this.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I need urgent help on this with similar problem. Did you get a solution to this?

Jo Grattidge  

Yes, Xero had to disconnect me from PensionSync on an old account to enable me to reconnect on the new one. Xero Support were able to do this.

Jamie Walters  

Ok thanks. I have managed a work around to post the payrun today. Hopefully they can sort this for next payrun. Thanks.

Jo Grattidge