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AU Payroll - Pay Slips: Public holidays should show separately on payslips

Started by Craig Ramsbottom in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

Public Holidays do not show up on the payslip (or anywhere else for that matter other than the Payroll Settings and Employee Settings), it appears to just get paid as normal ordinary hours on the payslip.
Instead Public Holidays should show as a separate line item on the payslips. That way it can be made distinct from "Ordinary Hours". The only benefit of the new public holiday feature (as I see it) is that it calculates the number of actual hours when the employee requests leave (although having said that, it doesn't indicate that it has done so, it merely presents the net hours that it thinks is correct - this is something that should also be corrected with Public Holidays shown as a separate line item).
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, works progressed really quickly here and the team have managed to push this out the door!
You'll now find an option within an employee's Employment tab where you can select to 'Include holidays in Payslips', if selected holidays will appear as a new line on the employees payslip. Thank you all for your continued interest here, we'll now return your votes so you can let us know what else you'd like to see.

Kelly M (Community Manager)