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Xero Invoice limit solution

Started by Marius Canete -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Xero recommended limit is 1000 invoices per month. we are currently 700 a week. Same thing with bills.

Is there an Invoicing apps where we can generate invoices from our another software. We are a service company so no need to track inventories. We just need an invoicing system that can do the ff.

1. Handle 1000 - 2000 invoices per week.
2. Can email invoices to clients with different email templates.
3. Have API documentation so we can connect to our software. (where they will get the hrs and rates for invoicing)
4. Can send info in Xero in bulk. Like if we send 700 invoices that week and the total Service revenue is $150,000. It will send 1 Invoice or manual journal to Xero to record that.

Your recommendation is greatly appreciated.
Let's hope others can jump in with their recommendations too, Marius. In the meantime, I just wanted to pop in and highlight the Invoice + Jobs category in the Market Place, and let you know the reviews of all the officially connected apps are here in Community where you can have a read of what others thought on the different integrations.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi Marius,
How do your clients pay you?
Www.promis.co can email your invoices, then provide a an online invoice with a credit card option and in Australia am option to pay directly from a bank account.
There is also the option for your clients to turn on autopay where the payments happen automatically.
We currently push every single invoice into Xero, but can easily adjust that to aggregate to a weekly or monthly journal.
Which country are your clients in?

Alexander Kohl  

n2 ERP can do this, currently only one template per invoice email though. But wouldn't be a big deal to create more templates. We might be overkill though as you would only be using a very small part of our software.


You can contact me via our website.


Stewart Martel  

Hello Marius

I would like to introduce DataDear which might be able to address most of the points you mentioned:

1. Volume is not an issue as long as these are within the Xero API limits.
2. This is not something currently available in DataDear but once the Invoices are in Xero, these can be easily sent in bulk - in any case the product should have this functionality later on this year.
3. This is available and allows you to post directly into Xero directly from the DataDear API.
4. Can be done both as an Invoice or a Manual Journal from the API or from Microsoft Excel.

If you have additional queries, do not hesitate to contact the support@datadear.com team.

Neville Micallef