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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |eCommerce

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 13 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Veeqo, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Veeqo

Easy to use inventory and order management software which syncs with eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce & Magento plus prints shipping labels. For more information, check out Veeqo.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Veeqo, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Veeqo help centre.

We have been using Veeqo for over a year and a half, the integration is effortless and the system has streamlined our order processing business no end. There are very rarely issues and it integrates with our Amazon seller account, our website, Xero and Royal Mail..what more could you want!
Much appreciated and we wish Veeqo further success for the future.

Oliver Nicholas  

We have been using Veeqo for over eighteen months and seen it develop into the product it now is. For a business like ours, that relies on efficient order processing and fast dispatch to customers, we needed a multi-channel integrator so that we could easily manage our operations from a single place. Veeqo allows us to collate orders from our own e-commerce site, a number of Amazon sites and Ebay. We can see and process orders by channel or we can process sequentially. The majority of our orders are dispatched via Royal Mail and the Veeqo Royal Mail interface provides all the options we need to manage our dispatch process. We have also linked Veeqo and Xero in order to collect accounting information.

Overall, the most encouraging factor is the reliability of the product. For a business like ours we need something that we can trust and that will be available when we need it. Veeqo provides us with that level of reliability.

Judith S  

We have been using Veeqo for around 2 years now. In that time we have seen some fantastic updates and integrations. Support has always been quick to respond and the team are extremely open to ideas to improve the platform or tweaks to make our processes quicker. We have tried many other apps to integrate into our business and Veeqo is most definitely the most intuitive to use. They just get eCommerce and running a business.
From inbuilt stock take feature to purchase orders and shipping integrations that are directly integrated. This app has saved us so much time in our business on a daily basis, dealing with orders and returns and even manual phone orders.
If you sell on multiple sites this is the app to get, heck if you run an eCommerce business this is the app to get.

Keith Conkey  

Before Veeqo we did everything manually - everything and took ages. We started using Veeqo and save on average about 60-90 minutes every day. It is great to find a system that can grow with our company. We are able to better keep track of stock, manage orders, integrate postage labels with invoices meaning that we have less paper to deal with and it then links with Xero where we can approve and post the invoices - a perfect combination

Ben England  

integrates well with woocommerce and ebay and then feeds through into xero at the click of a button. I use it to ship goods but tend not to use the print label facility as we have a franking machine and for some reason it doesn't seem to pick up our shipping options for interlinkexpress. Great for actually keeping accurate stock levels and saves the worry of one outlet selling something that another outlet has already sold.

Barbara Brew  

Hey Kevin, where did you end up with this one? Be keen to here which other systems you liked.

David Roberts  

Tried Veeqo and liked every aspect except for one small but almost vital component: Multiple ship to address for customers. Many of our customers have multiple locations that want product shipped to. This is the first time I have see a software not offer multiple ship to address. We called and talked to Veeqo and they asked why you would ever need more than one address.
We would still consider if this was ever resolved. We have tried 10-12 Order/Inventory Management programs and this is by far the best "package" we have seen.

kevin sumner  

Top software for ecommerce, really can't recommend it enough! Friendly bunch who run it, always willing to lend a hand. It's very easy to use and understand, doesn't cost a fortune, and it works really well, haven't come across any bugs, just smooth operation - can't fault it!

Ollie Wilks  

We signed up for Veeqo quite recently and we're already seeing the benefits of using a system like this to manage or stock across our webstores. Before we started using Veeqo we would spend about an hour every day just writing out our shipping labels - now it takes less than 5 minutes, freeing up that time so we can focus our attentions on other areas of running our ecommerce business. Setup was initially quite confusing as we are not the most technically minded bunch, but Veeqo's customer support team did a great job of talking us through it and helping us where needed - after we got in touch the setup was a breeze, all easy fixes. This kind of support is really important to us which is one of the reasons we rate it so highly - the team are quick to respond to all our queries and very friendly. Aside from customer service, the app is easy to use (which says a lot coming from someone who struggles with computers). All round great app, saves us loads of time, wouldn't do without it!

June Booth  

Excellent app, really frees up some time in the day to focus on more important things other than constantly checking our orders between channels and fiddling around with shipping labels. Really like how it integrates with Xero so easily, which is another great saver of time and effort. The team is great whenever we pester them with something (we're not the most tech-savvy bunch!) and they are always very helpful. Highly recommend!

Lindsey Richards  

Running our ecommerce sites has become significantly easier since implementing Veeqo. Our orders, inventory management and shipping are running far more smoothly since we signed up, it really is a quality software with a dedicated team who go the extra mile to accommodate us - they actually listen to our feedback and develop features which could improve the running of our business. Try it, you won't regret the decision.

Marc Dawes  

Top software for managing our stock and saving us time! Makes life so much easier. We wanted a simple, efficient software for tackling the management of multiple online shops and that's exactly what Veeqo provides - no nonsense, no fuss, just easy to understand and easy to use inventory management. The fact that it syncs with our accounting software (Xero!) is a major plus too :)

Stefan Morris  

Love how well Veeqo integrates with our Xero account. Really pleased with the time and money we have spent on Veeqo and saved as a result of using it - we use it to sync our orders and inventory across all our sales channels and it really does a fantastic job of saving us the hassle of doing this manually. The customer support is outstanding and the team is always taking on board feedback and suggestions for features and integrations.


Nicole Jones  

Veeqo was easy to set up and very simple to use with great customer support. Managing our orders and syncing our inventories across all the online channels we use is much less time consuming now. Veeqo also saves us time when shipping our orders as we can bulk print our shipping labels, and integrates easily with our Xero account, which was a must have for our business. Integrates with all the major online marketplaces and couriers, it's made our order process much more efficient.

Jason Anderson